Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It’s that time of the year! The time to break out your ugly Christmas sweaters, of course. This year, my office holiday party is more of a formal affair (think cocktail dress, not tacky sweater), so I’m saving my Christmas garb for another occasion, like a house party or something. Except I’m 26 and no one has house parties anymore — we have “apartment parties” which entail wine, trash talking and possibly some TV bingeing. I have a few friends who wear ugly Christmas sweaters to their annual family holiday party, so that could always be an option, too.

Below are a few of my favorites I’ve found online. I’m partial to the cute kitten sweaters (I know, I have a problem) or the funny options. (Santa peeing in the snow – genius!)

cute ugly christmas sweaters for women

Top:  Tinsel Ball Christmas Sweater  |  ‘Penguin’ Light-Up Fair Isle Knit Sweater  |  ‘Meowy Christmas’ Sweater  |  ‘Fa La La Llama’ Graphic Christmas Sweater

Middle:  Santa Is My Bae Holidays Sweater  |  Christmas Jumper In ‘I’m on the Naughty List’  |  Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper  |  Ugly Christmas Sweater Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater Green

Bottom:  Yellow Snow Sweater  |  Reclaimed Vintage Christmas Jumper With Novelty Days To Christmas  | Fleece Navidad Ugly Christmas Sweater


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