Patricia Chang

I’ve always been the girl who likes really cutesy things. Case in point: one of my favorite T-shirts from high school had dancing cartoon teeth on it. I will proudly wear cupcake earrings, socks with dancing puppies on them, or something similar that a 10-year-old girl would wear. I’m sure this preference doesn’t help the fact that I look younger than I am, but oh well.

So when I came across Patricia Chang’s latest collection of purses, my eyes lit up. Obviously the black cat purse was the first one I saw and immediately wanted, but I wouldn’t say no the pretzel or doughnut one, either. Her designs are whimsical, but still stylish — which are two adjectives I wouldn’t mine being called myself.

After stumbling upon Chang’s page on ShopBop, I Googled the designer. She’s previously worked at Marchesa and a few other lines prior to debuting her own collection in the fall of 2012. If her cute purses weren’t fun enough, I got sucked into stalking her Instagram page, which is full of snaps of her purses, her adorable son, and her kitty. Oh, and Chang herself is beautiful. Of course. Below are a few of my favorite items of her recent collection. Which is your favorite?

patricia chang purses

 Cat Cross Body Bag  |  Pizza Wristlet  |  Donut Cross Body Bag  |  Pretzel Cross Body Bag  |  Hunny Bear Clutch  |  Cheeseburger Crossbody Bag  |  Pig Wristlet


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