Heart Gifts for Valentine’s Day

I’ve always loved things with hearts on them. My phone case is patterned hearts. My notebook I use to track my blog income is the same. When I wrapped a friend’s bridal shower gift, she immediately knew it was from me because it was wrapped in heart wrapping paper. For me, this is a year-round thing and not just for Valentine’s Day. So once Christmas passes, you can bet I’m spending my entire paycheck at Target browsing their heart-themed items. Some people are obsessed with stars, others love random animals like penguins.. for me it’s hearts. And lemons. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite heart-shaped gifts that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

heart gifts

Heart Crossbody  |  Heart Stud Earrings  |  Heart Tights  |  iPhone Case  |  Heart Print Sweater  |  ‘Sparkle Heart’ Sweatshirt  |  Kate Heart Slim Wristlet  |  Sideways Heart Necklace  |  Candy Hearts Pillow  |  Golden Heart Barrette  |  Heart Lip Balm  |  Pom Keychain  |  Heart Sunglasses  |  Heart Print Cheeky Boyshorts  |  Sequin Heart Clutch in Gold  |  Heart Toss Pillow  |  Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette  |  Chevron Heart Ring


  1. I agree – I’m a sucker for anything hearts, which is why I tend to enjoy valentine’s day 🙂 Target does seriously have some great hearts stuff. I love love love that giant heart sweater!

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