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‘Love Potion’ iPhone Case  | Happy Heart Porcelain Dish  |   ‘I Want It All – Extreme Hearts’ Shopper  |  Middle Finger Pin  |  Girl Talk Future Mrs. Headband  |  Sip Sip Tumbler  |  Work it Out Gym Bag After This We’re Getting Pizza  |  Zip Zip Keychain Pouch- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

One of the ways I find out about new brands or online stores is through blogging. As an avid reader of tons of other blogs (seriously, my Bloglovin’ feed is never-ending), I’m introduced to new clothing stores, beauty products, and much more on a daily basis. One of the brands I’ve seen popping up a lot lately is Their products are a mix of cute and sassy — see the middle finger pin (sassy) and the heart tote (cute) above. I purchased myself a gemstone-patterned thermos for Christmas to keep my tea warm at work. So I decided to see what else they had on their site and got distracted by all the things I need want.

The Girl Talk Future Mrs. Headband would be perfect for a bachelorette party (it’s such a cuter option than those outdated sashes), and the Sip Sip Tumbler is perfect for the cat-lover who drinks a lot of water. AKA me. I’ll take one of each of the items above, please and thank you.


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