Modern Hair Barrettes

hair barrettes


Remember when we wore those neon, sparkly plastic barrettes as kids? I vividly remember having a whole bunch and begging for more at the grocery store (oddly enough I remember them so well sitting there in the hair aisle of my local grocery store growing up). Well times have changed. Most of us can’t get away with wearing cutesy hair accessories anymore, especially if we already look like we’re 13 (like me). But the latest hair barrettes aren’t the cute or cheesy versions from our childhood — they’re more grown up and modern.

I love the look of wearing one big hair barrette or clip to make a simple statement. The best part? You don’t need much talent to pull this trend off. For a half-up, half-down look, pull the top half of your hair back away from your face, spray a little dry shampoo where the clip will go, and clip away. For a low ponytail, gather hair at the nape of the neck and secure with a barrette (you’ll need a larger one for this since it has to hold a lot of hair). For the last look — a chic updo that will get you mistaken for a sexy librarian — twirl your hair into a French twist and anchor the hair with a large hair clip horizontally.


modern hair barrettes

Cara Circle Hair Clip  |  Cara Crystal Oval Barrette  |  L. Erickson ‘Atelier’ Enamel Barrette  |  Mrs President & Co ‘Beauty S’ Barrette  |  Mrs President & Co ‘Large O’ Barrette  |  Mrs President & Co Rectangle Barrette


  1. You know what? I always wear my hair half down and half up (especially at work) and I just have those cheap plastic clips (think junior year of high school). They do the trick but I never realized that I should just buy a barrette to keep the style a little more elegant. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Oh the hideous things my mom put in my hair….and always on picture day loll. From huge scrunchies to bows the size of my head. Oy…I can’t bear to look at old pictures. Love these modern hair barrettes Rachel! So pretty

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