Recently Purchased: Winter 2016

winter 2016 purchases

Mesh Inset One Piece Swimsuit  |  Colorblock Triangle Bikini Top  |  Long-Sleeve Floral Dress  |  Lace Fit and Flare Dress  |  Women’s dv Saddle Handbag  |  Lenore by La Regale Glitter Metallic Minaudier Clutch  |  Kate Spade Cedar Street Magnolia Purse  |  Davco Women’s 2-Pack Fun Socks Pizza/Beer  |  Victoria’s Secret No-Show Thong Panty  |  Victoria’s Secret Hibiscus Lace Cheekster

Unlike a lot of fashion bloggers, I don’t actually have a clothing budget. I’m pretty frugal, so I only buy things when I absolutely need to (if I need a dress for a wedding or if I gain weight so none of my old jeans fit me. Not that those things happen to me or anything…), if they’re on sale, or if I have a gift card. I know, I’m lame. With that being said, I thought I would still share with you a few purchases I’ve made in the past few months that I was really happy with.

We all know that Target loves to put out swimwear year-round. It’s a problem for me. This is how any Target trip in the winter goes: Go into Target. See adorable bathing suits. Notice they are all $14.99 a piece. Ooh and ahh at the low price tag. Grab 10 and try them on. Hate my body in the fitting room and decide not to buy any. Mope around all day. But then there’s the occasion when I actually find a swimsuit I like and I end up buying it. I haven’t worn a one-piece in years — like 15 years — but it’s time to start up again.

A few of the cute fall/winter dresses I bought are on sale, like the Xhilaration Lace Fit and Flare Dress that I wore to my company’s holiday party. I’ve seen similar versions at Nordstrom for over $100, and this one was only around $40. Of course, now it’s marked down to like $17.99. Two months after I bought it full-price…

I rarely buy handbags. I even more rarely splurge on one. But when it’s a practical color and something I’ll wear all the time, I take the plunge. My Kate Spade Cedar Street Magnolia Purse is perfection. It’s the perfect size (somehow fits my phone and must-haves, but isn’t too bulky), goes with everything, and the construction is amazing. I have 100 weddings this summer (jk, it’s really like 5) and my old silver goes-with-everything clutch was finally falling apart. I mean I have had it since my Prom in 2006, so I’m not surprised. I used a Kohl’s gift card I had to purchase this Lenore by La Regale Glitter Metallic Minaudier Clutch. Finally, I saw this dv Saddle Handbag at Target and had to have it for spring. It’s the perfect light nude shade that goes with everything.

Lastly, I found a few cute accessories these past few months. How cool are these beer and pizza socks? Seriously. And then to be a total lame 27-year-old, I asked for a gift card for my birthday so I could buy underwear. Because I desperately needed some new ones. You know you’re getting old when you purposely ask for socks and underwear, right? But at least I chose cute ones from Victoria’s Secret.


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