“But My Lips Hurt Real Bad!”

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Last week I was in a really long line at my local CVS pharmacy. Because this particular pharmacy is extremely incompetent, they allow the line (which is always at least five people deep) to form right in the middle of the cold and flu aisle, blocking sick people from getting their Tylenol PM. Because of this, I get to spend my time looking at the products that are located in that aisle, one of which is the lip balms. Rows and rows of lip balms. Lip balms in tins. Lip balms with color to tint your lips. Lip balms with SPF. Lip balms that double as phone chargers.

Just kidding on the last one. But wouldn’t that be cool?

which lip balm to use

Lip care products are the one thing that pretty much everyone on Earth uses. Our lips get chapped easily when we expose them to harsh weather conditions, when we produce too much saliva (lol), and when we nervously bite at our lips during that meeting. But how am I supposed to know which one of the hundreds of lip care products to use? Should I just buy a few and see which ones I like the best?

Lucky for me, NIVEA had the same idea when they asked me to participate in their “Weekly Challenge.” Over the course of one work week, I used a different NIVEA lip care product and kept track of which ones I liked the best.

niva mint and minerals lip care

Monday- Nivea Mint & Minerals Refreshing Lip Care

I started Monday out using the Mint lip balm. I’m a huge fan of anything mint-flavored or mint-scented, and this product did not disappoint. I loved the scent and subtle taste it left, as well as the soothing feeling the mint provided to my lips. After using it for the full day, my lips felt like satin. And the mint scent was an instant pep-me-up when I was tired.


nivea blog post

Tuesday- Nivea Milk & Honey Soothing Lip Care

Tuesday, I chose to try the milk and honey lip balm. The natural milk protein and rich golden honey help strengthen lips’ resistance to stay well-hydrated and healthy. I loved the honey scent (and I’m not really much of a honey fan usually) and the non-sticky formula.


niva moisture lip care

Wednesday- Nivea Moisture Essential Lip Care

Wednesday I decided to use the good ol’ classic. This lip balm was free of scent and any color, which to me made it the “classic”. It was a particularly windy and cold walk to work, so I made a wise choice opting for this moisturizing formula.


how to apply lip balm


Thursday- Nivea Shimmer Radiant Lip Care

Feeling girly, I opted for this tinted lip balm that had a hint of shimmer. I loved that this formula was shiny without being too glittery or pigmented. And the scent reminded me of bubblegum, which was an added bonus.

nivea shimmer lip care

nivea smoothness lip balm

Friday- Nivea Smoothness Essential Lip Care 

I finished off the workweek with this smooth version, which offered SPF 15 as an added bonus. It was long-lasting (I didn’t need to reapply every 10 minutes) and got the job done.


nivea lip balms


Interested in taking the NIVEA Lip Care Challenge yourself? You’re in luck! One Life Unsweetened reader will win all five lip products to try out for themselves. Just enter through the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win.

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Thank you to Nivea for providing me with these lip balms as part of their Weekly Lip Care Challenge. As always, all opinions are my own.


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