Cute Makeup Bags

One weird thing I’m slightly obsessed with is seeing how other women organize their makeup. Our apartment bathroom is too small to really store anything other than the essentials, so I gave up my bedside table to instead have a small desk. This desk is my makeshift “vanity” where I do my hair and makeup each morning.

But plenty of my friends, and even my Mom, store their makeup essentials in one place — a cute makeup bag. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a makeup/skincare hoarder, so I’d need three or four bags to fit all of my products, but you get my point. The makeup bags I’ve accumulated over the years (a personal favorite is this one I got for Christmas a few years back) each have their own distinct purpose. For example, one houses all of my samples I get from magazines or Sephora orders, while another holds all my hair clips, bobby pins, and spare hair ties.

So whether you’re a one makeup bag kind of girl or have multiple bags floating around your apartment (like me), here are a few cute and affordable options.

cute makeup bags

(1)  Ralph Lauren Floral Bainbridge Cosmetic Case  (2)  Sephora Collection Breakups To Make Up Bag  (3)  Skinnydip Pinata Makeup Bag  (4)  Victoria’s Secret Large Cosmetic Bag  (5)  SOHO Slide and Store Case  (6)  Tory Burch Large Cosmetics Case  (7)  Ted Baker London Large Wash Bag  (8)  Kate Spade Rose-colored Glasses Kiss Kiss Patsie


  1. These bags are so cute! I don’t know how girls do it- keeping all their makeup in one bag! I’m like you- makeup hoarder. I have an entire double vanity devoted to makeup! 🙂

  2. I love makeup bags too! I have one big one that I keep most of my makeup in and then a small one with lipstick and face powder for touch ups that I keep in my purse, when my purse is big enough 🙂

  3. I’m a makeup/skincare hoarder too and everything is kinda scattered around. I can definitely be more organized in this area! I love the Tory Burch large cosmetics case Rachel. Such cute options!

  4. These are SUCH cute bags! Have you heard of Pamela Barsky? If not, check her out on Instagram or Etsy — her bags are hysterical and perfect for makeup 🙂

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