How to Copy JoJo Fletcher’s Style

Full disclosure: I’ve never been an avid fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. I have many friends who are addicts and have tried to convince me to watch for years, but it wasn’t until I saw JoJo Fletcher that I actually started to watch. Now I’m obsessed and have plans to binge-watch some of the older seasons.

So what’s so special about this JoJo character that made me want to watch? Her clothing and hair, of course. I know it sounds super shallow to say that, but it’s true! The girl has major style — with the help of an on-set stylist, I’m sure. Either way, she looks good in everything she wears (unfair).

I realize that almost anyone can look good in a sequined evening gown with the right push-up bra and pair of Spanx, but what’s unique about JoJo is that she pulls off trends I never would even dare to try. In the spirit of her fashion risks, here are a few of the not-so-common fashion items and styles JoJo has successfully pulled off.

jojo gray sweater

The Duster Sweater

Were these big for anyone else in middle school? I remember all the cool girls wearing them over a tight white tee shirt with their favorite pair of jeans. Guys called them “grandma sweaters”, but boy were they comfy! It can be hard to pull these off since they are typically long and can make you appear both heavier and shorter than you actually are if you don’t style them correctly.

Get the Look: MinkPink has a similar version on their website, called the “In the Zone Duster Coat”. It appears to be sold out, so here’s a similar one from Nordstrom Rack.


jojo flared pants

The Flared Pant

Not only did she wear flared pants, they were also a mustard-brown color and appeared to be made of suede. Her whole look was very “fall” and I predict every fashion blogger will be copying the look in the next few months. You heard it here first, people.

Get the look: Try these affordable options to get a similar look to JoJo –  H&M Flared Pants, or Lauren Ralph Lauren Flared Western Suede Pants.

jojo white outfit

Shoulder Cut-Out Tops

Tops with lots of cut-outs in strange places don’t work well on a lot of women. They can make your shoulders look too broad or have you appear like your top just went through a paper shredder. JoJo took a major fashion risk by wearing a cut-out top with a matching, tight pencil skirt.

Get the Look: Some similar tops with cut-outs in the shoulders include this Varley Euclid Sweat Top, Express Open Stitch Cold Shoulder Dolman Sweater, or the Free People Moonshine V-Neck.


  1. I don’t usually watch the shows, but I find myself clicking on every Refinery 29 article about it, haha! Her hair is amazing…and I could always use her style tips!

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