Grown-Up “Back to School” Supplies

I was one of those kids who enjoyed back-to-school shopping. I generally enjoyed school (shocker, I know) and loved buying new clothes and school supplies for fall. Do I choose the kitten folder or the puppy folder? Will these glitter pencils make me cool or just make a mess?

But once you pass your college years, there’s not really any “back to school” shopping. I don’t have summers off because I’m not a teacher, so there is no “back to” anything. Instead, I take this time of back to school sales and items to see what products I can use for work — in my office at work as well as my home office, where I blog.

As you can tell, I’ll take any opportunity and turn it into an excuse to go shopping and buy new things. So here are a few of my favorite grown-up back to school items.

grown up back to school supplies

Fastener Set in Corked Jars  |  Conversation Bubble Sticky Notes  |  Highlighter Set  |  Unicorn Tape Dispenser  |  Pink File Sorter  | Floral Notebook  |  Best Of Art Easel Desk Calendar  |  Post-it Pop-up Note Camera Dispenser  |  Russian Dolls Sticker Post-it Bookmark Marker  |  business card holder  |  Honest Acronyms Sticky Notes  |  Quotes Personalized Notepads

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