Health & Beauty Treatments in Preparation for a Wedding


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Compared to most brides I know (and those who I watch on shows like Say Yes to the Dress), I’d say my healthcare and beauty routine leading up to my wedding was minimal. People were constantly asking me if I was booking monthly facials (I’ve never even had one), what my fitness routine was (just my regular gym visits), or what diet I went on (I’ve never really “dieted” and don’t plan to).

So if I wasn’t getting laser hair removal or going on a juice cleanse, what did I do to prepare for the big day? If you’re looking for a more minimal, yet still effective plan to look and feel good on your big day, here are my secrets.

Start taking Biotin for healthy hair

It’s no secret that hair is a big part of who I am. Since college, I’ve kept my locks long and natural. I don’t dye my hair and try to keep the heat use to a minimum, but that isn’t always enough to keep it looking good. And although I wore my hair up on my wedding day, I still wanted it to be healthy, shiny, and long (updos are much easier when hair is long and healthy). That’s where Biotin comes in.



Two months leading up to my wedding, I stopped by Walmart and picked up Sundown Naturals® Women’s Multivitamin with Biotin. The Biotin in this formula helps support healthy hair, skin, and nails (triple-threat!), which are three things I cared about on my big day. And since I hate swallowing pills, I loved that they were available in gummy form (and free of gluten, dairy, and artificial flavors◊ too!)

Floss and whiten your teeth

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m a daily flosser, because I don’t think anyone is. But this past year I’ve been so much better at it. Instead of lying to the dentist saying I floss, I’ve been actually flossing. I feel like my gums are in much better shape and I just feel better about my teeth. To make my pearly whites a little whiter for those wedding photos, I started using Crest White Strips a few weeks before the big day.


Cut down on the sweets

I mentioned earlier that I’m not a dieter, and I still stand by that. Instead, I try to take notice of what foods I consume that aren’t entirely necessary and try to cut down on those. For me, my weakness is sweets. I’m hashtag-blessed that the company I work for provides me with free lunch every day. The bad part? That lunch always includes a delicious dessert. I often found myself munching on a cookie or muffin even if I was full from lunch. So I started trying to only have the desserts once or twice a week instead of everyday.

The results? While I did lose a couple of pounds leading up to the wedding, I can’t contribute that 100% to cutting out the desserts. But I bet it did help contribute to it.

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