What Constitutes as a “White Dress”to You?

white and pink floral dress

Tobi Margot Ivory Floral Print Day Dress c/o  |  Kendra Scott Lee Silver Drop Earrings  |  Loft Denim Jacket in Staple Indigo Wash  |  Nine West It Girl Tote  |  Kendra Scott Elton Station Cuff Bracelet  |  BP Luminate Open Toe Dress Sandal  |  NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss – Merengue


Last year was all about the little white dress for me. I needed one for my bridal shower, my bachelorette party, and (of course) my wedding. Now that I’m married and whatnot, I don’t have as many excuses to wear white. In my opinion, it’s a big no-no to show up to someone else’s bridal event wearing white. Yes, that goes for bridal showers as well. Is this just me? Or do other women try to follow this rule, too?

This brings me to the question, “What about white dresses with a pattern on them?” Or a dress that is white with colored stripes or flowers? Does that count? Should you not wear these type of dresses to wedding-related events? I personally will just steer clear of anything remotely white just to be careful, but that’s just me.


white floral summer dress

tobi floral print dress

margot ivory floral print day dress


So while I won’t be wearing this little white floral dress to any wedding-related events anytime soon, I still have plenty of other occasions to wear it. For this post, I paired it with a jean jacket since it’s not summer weather here yet. I had such a hard time finding a jean jacket that fit me, so I was so happy when I bought this one from Loft. The cuffs can easily be rolled up or down and the sleeve length doesn’t drown my arms (#petiteproblems). I highly recommend it if you’re petite!


loft jean jacket

LOFT Denim Jacket in Staple Mid Indigo Wash


  1. This dress is super cute, babe- and love it with the denim jacket over the top. I try and steer clear of anything that is mostly white (print or not) for wedding stuff, juuuuust to be safe. 😉

  2. Such a gorgeous dress, I love the style! I know this post is from a while ago but it was so cute I wanted to make sure to comment!

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