Circle Bags At All Price Points

If you are a woman who enjoys fashion, you usually fall into one of the following categories: a shoe girl, a bag girl, or a jewelry girl. I’m not really any of the three – I kind of just like clothes in general. My shoe collection isn’t absurd (I’d argue that I have one of the smallest shoe collections of women I know), and I’ve stopped buying cheap jewelry (which means that instead I rotate the same few investment pieces). As far as bags – I only have a handful. A work bag, a few crossbodies in neutral colors that go with everything, and then some evening bags for weddings. It blows my mind when bloggers show their closets and you see a designer bag in every color of the rainbow. How on Earth do you a. afford that, and b. justify that?

Anyway, my point is that when it comes to a new “trend”, I’ll only invest money in it if I know I’ll like it a few years from now. Thankfully for me, the circle bag trend is something that fits that description. They’re sleek and simple and go with just about everything. The crossbodies are great for packing for a weekend retreat, while the larger versions remind me of something a classy British woman would carry about. Don’t ask me why, but that’s where my brain goes.

What do you think of the circle bag trend?

circle bags

Pink Round Cross Body Bag  |  Brown Circle Bag  |  Mini Circle Shoulder Bag  |  Crossbody Leather Circle Bag  |  Convertible Round Designer Crossbody  |  Seatbelt Circle Bag |  Floral Circle Crossbody Bag  |  Wicker Crossbody Bag

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