Since I’ve Been Gone

It’s been a while, people. There’s no excuse for not blogging as regularly as I used to except for that life just got in the way. Work has become extra busy, our weekends are booked up with weddings and baby showers, and I just haven’t had much time or brainpower left to blog.

But I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, so here we are. Wondering what I’ve been up to since I’ve been gone? Here’s a short highlight reel from my Instagram. (Follow me there if you aren’t already!)


wedding instagram

We got married! 9/10/2016, to be exact. So I have a ton of wedding-related content to share on the blog, even though it’s almost 2 years later. Oops.


aruba honeymoon

We went on our honeymoon to Aruba! It was such a nice trip with beautiful weather and lots of good food and drinks. I highly recommend Aruba to anyone who has never been, and will write up a few blog posts on my recommendations soon.


first house selfie

We bought a house! We ended up buying a house in the same town we were living in the past few years (but in an apartment) because we really like this area. There’s a whole “meant to be” story about finding and closing on the house, which I’ll share later. Get ready for tons of before-and-after photos of the inside of the house (and our backyard).


Tower Bridge in London

I got to go to London for work. Up until I went to London, I had barely traveled internationally (only a handful of times), and never to Europe. My company has an office in London so I had the opportunity to visit the office and meet some co-workers in-person for a few days.


la jolla cliff walk

We went to San Diego for a wedding. This was my second (and James’ third) time visiting California, and it was so nice. We were there for a college friend’s wedding, but made a mini vacation out of it. Naturally, one of my favorite parts was seeing the seals in La Jolla.


lemon print j crew swimsuit

We did our annual Avalon, NJ beach trip. Our friend John’s family has a house in the beach town, and we typically go each summer for an extended weekend. We’re going again this year, and I’m already looking forward to it. Also how cute is this J Crew bathing suit from last season’s swimwear collection?


Magnolias fried chicken dinner

We took a week-long vacation to Charleston, South Carolina. Everything about Charleston was great – the food is amazing, the weather is lovely, and there’s so much to do. Most of what we did was super tourist-y, but that was on purpose. Look out for some Charleston travel posts coming soon!


niece ava

I became an Aunt! My sister-in-law (and maid of honor) Danielle and her husband Jay had a baby, making me a first-time Aunt. Little Ava was born in December 2017 and I couldn’t love her more.

There’s probably a lot more I missed (like attending a ton of weddings, getting promoted at work, etc.) but those are the main ones. I’m going to try real hard to get back into the swing of blogging, since I’ve really missed it. Hope you all are still reading!

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