Strawberry Fields Forever

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like strawberries? I didn’t think so. Well actually, James doesn’t really love them all that much. He’ll eat strawberry-flavored things, but you’ll never see him buying a quart of fresh ones from the farmer’s market (unless they’re for me!) or choosing a strawberry cheesecake as his dessert. But besides him, I feel like strawberries are the universally-loved fruit to both eat and wear.

The key to pulling off this look, in my opinion, is to make the rest of your outfit not-so-cutesy. Unless that’s your shtick, of course. And stick to one strawberry piece per outfit, so you don’t end up looking like a Strawberry Shortcake cosplayer.

How cute and summery are the items below?

strawberry clothing & accessories

Embroidered Tie Front Shirt  |  Silk Bandana  |   iPhone X Case  |  Insulated Tumbler  |  Ear Threaders  |  Leather Coin Pouch  |  Strawberry Print Tee  |  Ruffle Sleeve Dress

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