2018 Summer Trends I Love

My brother-in-law’s mother (yes, take a second to process that) is always asking me what the latest fashion trends are. She knows I have a lifestyle blog and that I like clothes, so it’s really sweet that she always asks. But I often feel unprepared to give her a good answer. “Um…florals? I always like wearing florals.”

I follow a lot of fellow bloggers and subscribe to far too many women’s magazines, so I often find myself taking screenshots or photos of things/trends I find. I keep them in my “To Blog About” notes section on my iPhone. Sometimes they never see the day of light, but this time they are! Here are a few of the summer trends I’m loving so far. Which one is your favorite?


knot front trend

Romper  |  Bralette Swimsuit Top  |  Off the Shoulder Top  | Maxi Dress  |  Slide Sandal  |  Crop Top  |  Jumpsuit

Knot Front Details

One of the more feminine fashion accents you’ll find me wearing often are bows. I like that the tie-knot or front-knot trend encompasses bows, but with a little edge. It’s a bow but then it shows a little skin. You know, to let the boobs breath a little.

gingham summer trend

Foldover Clutch  |  Smocked Tank  |  FlatsMini Skirt  |  One-piece Swimsuit  |  Shell  |  Tank TopMidi Dress  |   Slide Sandal


Gingham has been around forever, and I feel like it’s always “trendy”, but even more so this summer. J Crew has some really great gingham pieces, so check them out if you haven’t yet. If you’re worried about looking like a picnic tablecloth, choose a color other than red.


asymmetrical neckline trend

One-Shoulder Dress  |  One-Shoulder Top  |  Ruffle Dress  |  Swimsuit Top  |  Midi Wrap DressWrap Dress Asymmetrical Top

Asymmetrical Necklines

I’m not sure if this is what this look is official called, but I’m calling it “asymmetrical neckline”. It’s not one-shoulder, and it’s no off-the-shoulder, but instead it’s somewhere in-between. My neck/chest is one of the few areas I actually like about myself (#skinnyneck), so this trend is one I’ll be wearing this summer. One I won’t be wearing? Crop tops. 😐

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