The Perfect Maternity Little Black Dress for Work

Some women buy a whole new maternity wardrobe when they get pregnant. I wasn’t one of them. Sure, more boxes arrived on my doorstep than James probably liked, but I didn’t go too crazy. I stuck to the absolute basics and was lucky that I could use a lot of pre-pregnancy items as well.

One challenge I did have though was dressing for work. My office has a dress code (business casual), and jeans and leggings are a no-go. I picked up this little black maternity dress from Pink Blush, and it was perfect. The short sleeves means I can wear it any season (for winter, just throw on an extra layer and some tights) and the black color obviously goes with everything. It’s stretchy in all the right places without looking sloppy. I actually wonder if I could wear it when I’m not pregnant, that’s how comfortable it is.

maternity office style

Pink Blush Black Basic Ruched Fitted Maternity Dress  |  Clarks Adriel Viola Pump  |  DR2 by Daniel Rainn Printed Notch Lapel Leopard Blazer

For work, I paired the LBD with a leopard blazer and black pumps. Other ways you could wear this maternity dress to work include with a long, open-front cardigan, paired with colored or patterned tights, or with a fun belt to emphasis your bump. The best part is you could wear the dress once a week and no one would notice because you can style it so many different ways!

little black maternity dress

best maternity LBD

how to style a black dress for work while pregnant

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