Anthropologie Knockoff Floral Tiered Dress

Something that has happened to me more than once is getting a compliment on my dress only for me to say “Oh thanks, it’s from Target”. Maybe I can’t take a compliment properly, because I always feel the need to downgrade the compliment by saying something about how it was cheap or how I just “threw it on”. This dress is one of those I’m talking about.

A coworker complimented me on my cute dress and asked if I got it an Anthropologie. To which I responded, “No, actually. It’s from Target!” She was amazed that something so cute and Anthro-ish could be found at Target. I, however, was not surprised – I’ve been a loyal Target enthusiast for years. Sure, sometimes you have to sift through racks and you go home with nothing, but other times I end up with five new dresses that all look much more expensive than what I paid for them.

floral tiered babydoll dress

Wild Fable Tiered Babydoll Dress (sold out, similar here)  |  Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Ankle Boot  |  Fossil Elle Crossbody Bag

I will note that this is a non-maternity dress, so it did end up looking a little short on me with the bump. Oops. The tiered layering is very bump-friendly, though.

I paired the dress with simple accessories – a comfortable pair of Sam Edelman booties and a matching cognac crossbody. I really loved the dark mustard color, it’s perfect for fall.

knockoff anthropologie dress

maternity babydoll dress

wild fable dress


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