Where to Eat In (And Around) Newport, Rhode Island

where to eat in newport rhode island

Whenever we go on vacation in a tourist-y area, I’m always weary about how the food will be. While I’m pretty low-maintenance (I like eating burgers and chicken fingers — I don’t need anything bougie to be satisfied), lots of people are anti-restaurants in tourist-y areas.

Newport, Rhode island is not one of those towns. First off, the sheer number of options for food in the town (and its’ surrounding towns, all accessible by a 5-15 minute drive) means there’s something for everyone. And sure, some places are more tourist-y than others, but you’ll see that anywhere.

What’s particularly good in Newport in terms of food is the seafood and the restaurants with views of the water. Everything is easily walk-able, too, which makes going from dinner to desserts easier than ever.

One caveat to note is that if you’re visiting during peak visiting season (April to October, but mainly the summer months), you should 100% make reservations for dinner no matter where you’re doing. We booked ours a few weeks out and had no problem, but saw tons of people without reservations getting wait times of 1-2 hours or more. For brunch or lunch, places will certainly be busy, but I don’t think you need reservations (and some places may not take them).

eating in newport rhode island

Breakfast in Newport, Rhode Island

Full disclosure – our hotel had free breakfast every day, so we did that to save money and time. However, I did some research and the following spots seem to be most popular.

Lunch in Newport, Rhode Island

I made an entire post on lunch options here, so check that out for more detailed information. Here were my top 3 spots:
I made an entire post on dinner options here, so check that out for more detailed information. Here were my top 3 spots:

A Quick Drink in Newport, Rhode Island

O’Briens Pub

We stopped here for a beer in between shopping and dinner reservations. It has an indoor and outdoor area and a cool fountain that kids can play in. It’s also dog-friendly during the day and up to 10 pm at night. They had a good variety of drafts on tap and various frozen mixed drinks to choose from (like a frozen mango margarita). James got a Wachusett Blueberry which was topped with, you guessed it, real blueberries.

Gas Lamp Grille

We stopped here while waiting for dinner reservations. It’s a bar and grill but we just had a beer and some water. The fish tacos another couple ordered at the bar looked pretty good, though. Decent selection of beers.

Dessert in Newport, Rhode Island


the cookie jar newport

The Cookie Jar

This is a cute little shop with a nice selection of homemade cookies. My favorite was the ginger snap. The types of cookies I remember them having include oatmeal butterscotch, snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and more. They also had some nice-looking pastries if you’re looking for a quick breakfast.

Newport Creamery

We wanted to make a trip here but ended up just stopping at Kilwins which was closer to our dinner spot. We didn’t have enough time with the shuttles, but we heard great things about the ice cream here, so I wanted to recommend it.

Ma’s Donuts

Another place we didn’t get to try, but drove past multiple times. They’re open 24/7. And who isn’t craving a donut 24/7?

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