Fall Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

fall photsohoot outfit ideas

Whether you’re doing family photos with a professional or just taking a few snaps yourself, your outfit is a huge part of the experience. I’d dare to say the outfit can really make or break the photos. Fall backdrops (think red/orange/yellow leaves, hay bales, and pumpkins) lend themselves to great photos and lots of color options.

Below are some fall photoshoot outfit dos and don’ts, as well as a few outfit inspiration collages to shop.

Fall Photoshoot Outfit Dos & Don’ts

I’m not a photographer, a model, or an expert on either by any means. But, these are my tips for choosing outfits for fall photos based on my experience and what I’ve seen/read.


  • Do color-coordinate. You don’t all need to be matching exactly (in fact, that would be a “don’t”), but you do want some cohesiveness in colors. If you stick to a color palette and add in neutrals, that’s typically a fail-safe option. For example, if your floral dress is black with orange and green accents, your partner would look nice in a green shirt (color) and khaki pants (a neutral).
  • Do wear accessories. Fall photoshoots are a great time to wear that felt fedora, pair of pearl earrings, or a plaid scarf. Just stick to the rule of “put on your accessories, and then take one off”.


  • Don’t be afraid of color! You don’t have to stick to the classic white-top-and-jeans look for fall photos. As long as you aren’t all wearing clashing colors, a bright top or scarf looks nice against the fall foliage. If everyone is wearing neon yellow, that’s another story…
  • Don’t choose too many busy patterns. If someone in your group does plan on wearing a pattern (like a floral dress or a plaid shirt), make sure the other people in the photos aren’t doing the same.
  • Don’t choose fabrics that are too tight. I learned this with my engagement photos where I wore a blouse that highlighted my midsection. Yikes. Professional, high-quality photos show everything – every little lump and bump. So wear Spanx or wear something a little looser like an oversized sweater or a jean jacket layered over a camisole.

Fall Photoshoot Outfit Ideas


burgundy outfit for fall photos

Dress  |  Hat  |  Earrings  |  Boots

Burgundy and black make a great color combo that looks good on practically every skin tone and hair color. This cute dress is the perfect mix of casual and dressy and the belt cinches you in the right place. Pair it with over-the-knee boots, a nice felt hat, and simple, small earrings.


casual fall photshoot outfit

Sweater  |  Blouse  |  Jeans  |  Booties  |  Earrings

Orange for fall? Groundbreaking! Open-front sweaters are a huge trend this fall and look great paired with skinny dark denim and a statement boot (like the white option above).


casual fall photshoot outfit

Dress  |  Headband  |  Booties

If you can’t decide between a dress or a sweater with pants, try a sweater dress. Since the dress itself is more on the plain side, you can go wild with the accessories. Here I chose a pearl-encrusted headband (which every woman seems to own at least one of), and open-toe booties (weather-permitting, of course).


parka outfit for fall photos


Parka  |  Pants  |  T-shirt  |  Slip-Ons  |  Necklace

If you’re looking for something more casual for your fall photoshoot, you can still look polished. Jazz up a plain white long-sleeve tee with a plaid parka and a pair of colored corduroys. Keep the accessories simple when wearing a pattern – here I chose a pendant necklace and some comfy slip-ons.


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