Nursery Closet Organization

how to organize a nursery closet

What they say about “nesting” is really true. I have never had the innate need to organize every aspect of my home until I was about 8 months pregnant and waddling around everywhere. Luckily, that urge really paid off. Henry’s nursery (including his closet and his dresser drawers) were all organized and ready to go when we brought him home from the hospital, which made life much easier.

The closets in our bedrooms came like this when we bought the house, and while I don’t love the wire storage, but it’s expensive and a lot of work to change it. So I kept it and will make the best of it. Here I’ll walk through how I organized his nursery closet and which products I used and liked.

nursery closet organization

Room Essentials™ Fabric Cube Storage Bin 11″  |  mDesign Soft Fabric Closet Storage Organizer SetFlocked Children’s Hangers in Grey  |  Flocked Children’s Hanger Clips in Grey  |  Asham Large Laundry Basket with Lid  |  Baby Nest Designs Unisex Closet Dividers for Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes Organization

The majority of Henry’s clothes are foldable, so they are kept in his nursery dresser drawers (you can see my post on that here). Once he gets older and starts wearing real clothes and not onesies and pajamas, I’ll probably hang up more items. For the first few months, I only hung sets, things that would wrinkle quickly, and then clothes in the next size up. This way, I move the new size from hangers to drawers one he begins to fit into it. Easy peasy!

I personally love felt hangers and little matching clothespins to maximize storage space. I feel like the clothes stay on better and it just looks better. I also bought these closet dividers to organize by size/age.

nursery clothes storage

using baskets in nursery closet

boy nursery organization

Baby Closet Organization

I use these storage bins from Target to store backup wipes, diapers, swaddles, and other miscellaneous items. And yes, I labeled everything with my label maker because I am that person. It’s helpful when my husband or MIL needs to find something in a pinch, too.

For laundry, I use this hamper basket and really like it. You can wash it very easily and I love that I can carry it easily up and down flights of stairs (Henry’s nursery is on the top floor, while our laundry room is in the basement). You could also use this for toys or storage if you’d rather use a traditional laundry hamper.

For the other odds and ends, I store them in the mDesign storage bins. This includes things like stain remover (a must-have near the laundry basket), scissors (you always need them when you least expect it), and backup diaper pail bag refills.

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