Brand Spotlight: Bracha Jewelry

I have to give credit where it’s due: I found out about Bracha jewelry when Shelby included a bracelet of theirs in a recent blog post. I saw the cute heart charm bracelet at Nordstrom and then clicked through to see what else they offered. Although only a few items of the entire collection are available at Nordstrom, I found so many cute pieces that I would wear. I am more of a silver girl historically, but it seems these days everything is only offered in gold, so I’ve started to succumb and just wear it.

What I love about their pieces are that they are a good balance between minimalism and costume. When jewelry is too simple, I’m always thinking, “What’s the point of wearing this?”, but if it’s too costume-y, it can look cheap. Bracha’s pieces are the perfect balance for everyday wear and those special occasions. Plus, you know this girl loves a good heart-themed piece of jewelry.

bracha jewelry

Juliet Heart Charm Bracelet  |  All Heart Cuff Bracelet  |  Blessing Cubic Zirconia Heart Hoop Earrings  |  Daisy Power Bangle  |  Avalon Cuff Bracelet  |  Initial Pendant Necklace  |  Three Nails Cross Necklace

Here’s a few more things about Bracha to take note of.

  • In Hebrew Bracha (”B*raka”) means blessing.
  • In addition to the cute styles, the brand also gives back. A portion (20%) of all proceeds go to eliminating human trafficking.
  • Their Instagram is beautiful – everything is in the brand’s color palette and perfectly curated.
  • They also offer some items of their collection at Revolve.

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