The Best Quarter-Zip Fleeces

Right now NJ is in the in-between phase weather-wise. It’s not cold enough to wear a winter jacket, but it’s not warm enough to head out sans outerwear. This is where the quarter-zip fleeces comes into play: the fleece keeps you warm enough for fall weather, and you can adjust the amount of air that hits you with the quarter zip. And maybe it’s just me, but the quarter-zip feature is a lot more flattering that a regular pullover (with no zip) or a full vertical zipper. I feel like it just hits you in the right spots, but maybe I’m just weird.

Fluffy fleeces are all over, from Amazon to Abercrombie, and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. To keep your fleece in tip top shape, wash on the gentle cycle alone (separate from other laundry), use only a small amount of detergent (and no fabric softener – it can ruin clothes), and air dry whenever possible. I usually only wash my outerwear once a year (is that gross?) unless I get a huge stain on it. This helps preserve the quality and shape of the jacket and prevents the dreaded pilling from happening.

Here are a few of my picks below. Which are your favorites?

quarter zip fleeces

Aerie Sherpa Quarter Zip Sweater  |  Abercrombie Sherpa Half-Zip Faux Leather-Trim Sweatshirt  |  GRAPENT Zipper Fleece Pullover  |  LL Bean Signature Sherpa Fleece Pullover, Quarter-Zip  |  Amazon Essentials  Polar Fleece Lined Sherpa Quarter-Zip Jacket  |  Aerie OFFLINE Sherpa Quarter Zip  |  Wild Fable Quarter Zip Sweatshirt


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