Target Christmas & Holiday Decor For Every Style

What words would you use to describe your home decor style for the holidays? Some of us love the farmhouse look that Joanna Gaines made oh-so-popular, while others are more eclectic and would never step foot inside of a chain home decor store. For me, when it comes to decorating for the holidays, I tend to stick to a certain “style”, too. I think mine is a mix of farmhouse and traditional in case you were curious.

Every year Target releases a huge collection of holiday decorations from their various brands and designers, and I always love browsing through the stores (or online these days) looking at everything. Ok, and probably buying a few things I don’t really need, too.

Here are the latest Target holiday arrivals based on your Christmas home decorating style, including Traditional, Glam, Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Eclectic, Modern, and Rustic.

scandinavian christmas decor

Scandinavian Christmas Decor

The Scandinavian decor style is something I’ve started to see a lot the past few years. It’s based on the Nordic countries and is typically very minimalistic with sleek silhouettes and neutral colors. When decorating your home, opt for natural evergreens, [faux] fur, and a warm & cozy color palette. The best part about this type of holiday decor is that it can be left up all winter long; not just around Christmas!

Snowflake Fair Isle Christmas Stocking  |  Joy Wire Wreath  |  Wooden Ornaments  |  Faux Fur Doe Ornament  |  Wood & Enamel House  |  Mini Gnomes Decorative Figurines



traditional christmas decor

Traditional Christmas Decor

Traditional Christmas decor is just what it sounds like – traditional. The tried-and-true classics like plaids, a red and green color palette, and evergreen greenery. I like the traditional style myself because I feel like it’s always going to be in style unlike a lot of the trends that come and go. You can also easily mix in more trendy pieces with the traditional pieces to get the most out of your budget (I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy all new decor every Christmas)!

Cardinal Glass Christmas Ornament Set  |  Red Berry & Pinecone  Artificial Pine Wreath  |  Ceramic Stout House Decorative Figurine  |  Medium Mercury Glass Christmas Tree  |  Faux Fur Deer Decorative Figurines  |  Plaid Christmas Stocking




farmhouse christmas decor from target

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

When I think of farmhouse Christmas decor, I think of warm, cozy, and practical. Items like white ceramic houses, checkered ribbon, and cranberry and evergreen shades are what come to mind. If you want something a bit more country or traditional farmhouse, you can check out the rustic look a few photos down.

Holiday Advent Calendar with Wreath  |  Cedar and Berry Faux Arrangement  |  Chunky Knit Striped Holiday Stocking with Swing Tassels  |  Green Plaid Throw Pillow  |  Holiday 2020 Snow Globe  |  Mailbox to Santa



Glam Christmas Decor

Glam decor is perfect if you live alone (or just have a really easy-going husband who doesn’t care if you decorate your house in pink and glitter). Glam Christmas decor often includes a metallic color palette (silvers, golds, or bronzes), lots of sparkles and glitter, fluffy textures, frosted greenery, and feminine elements.

Champagne Tinsel Hard Needle Tree  |  Wrapped Star Decorative Figurine  |  Retro Reindeer Decorative Figurine  |  Mini Glitter House Ornament  |  Champagne Glitter Artificial Wreath  |  Ceramic Ice Skates Decorative Figurine



eclectic christmas decor

Eclectic Christmas Decor

For a fun take on traditional Christmas decor, bring in vintage elements and a bright color palette with an eclectic decor style. With an eclectic Christmas decor style, you’ll usually see a colorful Christmas tree (perhaps white instead of the traditional green), old-school favorites like tinsel and bottlebrush, and fun textures like pompoms.

Puckered Pompom Christmas Stocking  |  Knit Light Bulb Garland  |  Small Metal Van Decorative Figurine  |  Mr. Christmas Large Ceramic Tree  |  Lit Joy Marquee Decorative Sign  |  Gold Deer Decorative Figurine



rustic christmas decor

Rustic Christmas Decor

Think of rustic as farmhouse’s cousin from the country. Rustic Christmas decor takes the farmhouse look a step further with galvanized metals, wooden and burlap elements, and natural elements like pinecones. Rustic decor usually sticks to a fairly neutral color palette as well

Galvanized House Decorative Figurine  |  “NOEL” Rustic Tobacco Basket  |  Rustic Burlap Poinsettia Christmas Stocking  |  Beaded Garland  |  Galvanized Bucket with Hand Cut Firewood  |  Flocked Bottle Brush Tree Set



modern christmas decor

Modern Christmas Decor

Modern Christmas decor includes styles with clean lines and artsy shapes. I think of a silver/white/green color palette, lots of stars, various candlesticks, and striped stockings.

Vickerman Star Ornament  |  Artificial Poinsettia Spray  |  Knit Stripe Christmas Stocking  |  Large Flocked Velvet Christmas Tree  |  Glass Round Ornament Set  |  Flocked Deer Decorative Figurine


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