Christmas Gift Guide: The Cat Lady

As a cat lady myself, I know that getting cute gifts like these brings a smile to my face. Last year, my boss got me this little kitty zen garden for my desk and it was just the perfect, thoughtful gift (I’m the sole cat owner on my team, everyone else has dogs). And way back when I had my bridal shower, my sister-in-law made me a whole cat basket with goodies like an oven mitt, a Post-It note dispenser, and other goodies.

My favorites from the list below? This hilarious cat mug and these pens with saying like “Cats > People”. Too true, too true.

christmas gift guide cat lady

Cat Mug  |  Kitties Sticky Note Pads  |  Cat Coasters  |  Cats Dish Towel  |  Shady Cats Socks  |  Cat Lovers Pen Set  |  Cat Butt Coloring Book  |  Cat Mini Stainless Steel Bottle

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