Christmas Gift Guide: The Baker

Everyone has that one friend who is always baking or cooking. You get excited when they arrive to the party because you know that means there’s cookies or brownies coming your way. They post mouth-watering photos on their Instagram stories that leave you questioning the salad you just ate. Their birthday cakes look almost too real to eat. You get the picture.

During quarantine lots of people have taken up new hobbies, namely baking, so items like cookbooks, holiday measuring cups, cute oven mitts, and these trendy spatulas make practical gifts. For something more sentimental, this adorable cake ornament or funny T-shirt are great ideas.

Whether their new go-to dish is homemade bread or French macarons, here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for bakers.

christmas gifts for bakers

Joyful Set of 4 Measuring Cups  |  Sprinkles Layered Cake Ornament  |  ‘Christmas Cookies’ Cookbook  |  Grab and Growl Oven Mitt  |  Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract  |  Ultimate Apron  |  Set of 3 Silicone Spatulas  |  Funny Baking Shirt


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