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Colorful Office Decor

Timing is a funny thing. We ended up making a small extra room in our house an “office” just months before the pandemic hit. It’s currently where I work from home (James works down in the basement), so I’m glad we ended up furnishing it when we did. While my office certainly isn’t as colorful as the one above, I thought this was a fun decor idea.

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baby boy thanksgiving from carters

I’m one of those Moms who gets the “Baby’s First ____ (Insert Holiday Here)” outfits for Henry. Sue me. These Thanksgiving items at Carters are just so cute and make the perfect photo op.

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j crew jewelry new arrivals

I got a sponsored Facebook ad for some J Crew new arrivals and a few of these pretty items above were on it. Naturally I clicked through and saw they had so many gorgeous new rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. I’m loving the jewel tone colors.

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chunky striped sweaters

If you open up my closet, you’ll see at least 5 striped sweaters. What can I say? I like what I like. I’ve found that chunkier stripes in bold colors are much more flattering on my body shape than thin stripes in neutral colors.

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anthropologie christmas ornaments

I try to limit myself to only buying a handful of new ornaments a year (unless one breaks or something, of course). Anthropologie’s new arrivals of Christmas ornaments makes that hard, though!

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fall hats

I’m not a huge hat person (I have a small head and face so lots of styles look bad on me), but when it gets colder outside, I become one. These options are not only fashionable, but will keep your head and ears warm during fall and winter.

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