Christmas Gift Guide: The New Mom

As a new Mom myself (semi-new, 9 months) the topic of gifts for new Moms is always top of mind. I’m always thinking of things that made my life easier or things that I wish I had bought months ago. In addition to the physical gifts below, I think that things like home-cooked meals, alcohol (after all, you went 9+ months without it), gift cards to restaurants or Uber Eats (so you can order in and don’t have to cook), and a coupon for a babysitting session all make great gifts.

But if you’re more into giving something wrapped up or in a box, my picks for Christmas gifts for new Moms are below. Sentimental gifts like a first year picture frame, Mama necklace, or a handprint kit are on the more thoughtful side. In terms of practical gifts, a Baby Document Organizer keeps all her baby’s documents safe and in one place (which trust me – is very much needed) or gift sets of baby essentials like this one from Honest are good ideas. Lastly, for gifts that pamper the new Mom, a nice cozy robe or decadent body scrub are always a good idea. And if the new Mom in your life has a great sense of humor, you can gift her this MILF mug.

christmas gifts for new mom

Rustic First Year Picture Frame  |  Cheyenne Mama Necklace  |  Baby Briefcase Document Organizer  |  Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub  |  Karoline Fleece Robe  |  Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set  |  Ombré Baby Handprint Kit  |  MILF Mug


  1. Haha that MILF mug is hilarious! These are all great picks. I’m not a new mom, but I’d take a lot of these as well, like that gorgeous robe!

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