The Best Christmas Ornaments for Every Theme

Have you ever seen a themed Christmas tree? When we visited Weston, Vermont a few years back, we stopped by the Weston Village Christmas Store, which is — you guessed it — a store full of Christmas items. The coolest part of the store to me was all the themed Christmas trees. There was a beer-themed tree, cat-themed tree, sports-themed tree… you name it, they had a tree dedicated to it. I thought it was a neat way to group ornaments and decorations that were for sale, but it dawned upon me that some people probably decorate their own trees this way.

While I won’t be decorating a themed tree in my own home, I do find myself “collecting” certain types of ornaments more than others. Based on my current collection of ornaments, I seem to over-index on rustic animal ornaments and snowflake ornaments. Growing up, my Mom had a lot of apple ornaments and cardinal ornaments.

Whether you want to have a themed Christmas tree or are just looking for a single ornament from each theme, here are some of my picks for Christmas 2020. Note: you won’t find any of those tacky Covid/2020-themed ornaments on here. I can’t deal with the toilet paper ornaments everyone’s sharing. Just me?

snowman christmas ornaments

Snowman Ornaments

Are you a Fan of Frosty? I personally think every tree needs at least one snowman ornament. I love fun options (like this meditating snowman) and those more on the crafty side (like this one made from intricate paper curls).

Resin Snowman Ornament  |  Felt Snowman Ornament Set  |  Sullivans Winter Magic Snowman Ornament  |  Snowman Snow Globe Ornament  |  Snowman Hanging Figurine Ornament  |  Glass Snowman Ornament Set  |  Handmade Quilled Christmas Snowman Ornament  |  Meditation Snowman Ornament


house christmas ornaments

House Christmas Ornaments

I’ve professed my love for the white ceramic house holiday decor, so it’s no surprise that the trend is carrying over to ornaments. I have a few house ornaments in my collection, including one that looks like a red barn that I grew up living next to. The ornament reminds me of home!

Galvanized House Ornament  |  Ceramic House Ornament  |  White Light-Up Ceramic House Christmas Ornament  |  Holiday Home Light-Up Ornament  |  Metal Barn Ornament  |  Light Up German Glitter House Ornament  |  Glittered Red Barn LED Light Up Ornament Set  |  Wood Snowy Nordic House Ornaments Set


alcohol christmas ornaments

Alcohol Christmas Ornaments

A fun gift idea for someone you’re close to is an ornament of their favorite drink (if they don’t drink alcohol, you can find options for their favorite non-alcoholic drink, too!) This means that the margarita one would be my choice.

Handblown Glass Margarita Ornament  |  Six Pack Ornament  |  Piña Colada Glass Ornament  |  Cosmo Cocktail Ornament  |  Glass Martini & Olive Cocktail Ornament  |  Red Wine Glass Ornament  |  Tequila Sunrise Glass Ornament  |  Champagne Ornament


food themed christmas ornaments

Food Christmas Ornaments

Similar to the drink-themed ornaments above, food ornaments make a great, fun gift. My SIL and BIL gift each other an ornament each Christmas that reminds them of the other person/represents something from that year. One year my BIL was obsessed with eating frozen blueberries, so my SIL got him a blueberry ornament. Cute, right?

Devil Food Cupcake Ornament  |  Rainbow Cupcake Glass Ornament  |  Pepperoni Pizza Glass Ornament  |  Glass Burrito Ornament  |  Ice Cream Cone Ornament  |  Christmas Pickle Ornament  |  Felt and Knit Sushi Ornament Set  |  Baked Bacon Glass Ornament


animal christmas ornaments

Animal Christmas Ornaments

It’s no secret that I’m an animal lover (I’m a crazy cat lady and my son has a woodland animal-themed nursery), so you’ll find a few animal themed ornaments on my Christmas tree this year.

Wool Sloth Ornament  |  Llama Ornament  |  Faux Fur Buck Ornament  |  Snowball Fox Ornament  |  Hamster Hanging Figurine Ornament  |  White Natural Fiber Polar Bear Ornament  |  Felt Dalmatian Ornament  |  Sven the Moose Ornament



santa christmas ornaments

Santa Christmas Ornaments

What would a Christmas tree be without an ode to the man himself? Are you more of a classic Santa fan or the Santa riding on a unicorn person?

Santa On Unicorn Ornament  |  Santa Gnomes Ornament Set  |  Santa with Reindeer Retro Ornament  |  Vintage Drop Santa Ornament  |  Red Glass Santa Bell Ornament  |  Retro Vintage Style Christmas Wood Ornament  |  Santa in Nature Cut-Out Ornament  |  Mid-Century Santa Head Ornament


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