Christmas Gift Guide: Coworker

Christmas gifts for coworkers this year may be a little bit different if you’re like me. I’ve been working from home since the pandemic (well technically since my maternity leave started in January, but who’s counting?) with no plans on going back before 2021. This means we won’t have our usual office holiday party with food or any gift exchanging. Last year, I got my teammates each a notebook with a funny saying on it that tied to their personality and they were a hit.

Just because you may not be physically in the office anymore for a party doesn’t mean you can’t still send gifts to coworkers or do a virtual/mail-in Secret Santa. Some of my favorite picks? Tech gadgets like a touchscreen cleaner or blue light blocking glasses are great options for those of us starting at a screen (or 3) all day long. And nothing makes your drab desk cuter than fun accessories like this narwhal tape dispenser and sloth planter. I’m also a huge fan of sarcastic, funny gifts like this “Because Work” wine glass and this notebook. Because 90% of the time that meeting really could’ve been an email.

christmas gift guide coworker

Stress Check™ Hand Sanitizer  |  Narwhal Tape Dispenser  |  Touchscreen Cleaner  |  Because Work Wine Glass  |  Funny Journal  |  Caffeinated Gummy Bears Set  |  Blue Light Blocking Glasses  |  Sloth Ceramic Planter

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