Stocking Stuffers for Women

Growing up, we always opened up our Christmas stockings before our gifts. I assume this is a normal practice, but who knows? (Tell me!) Our stockings were always filled to the brim with fun items (like our favorite chocolates) and practical gifts (like toothpaste and Chapstick). To this day, my Mom still puts together stockings for us. Of course, the contents have changed a bit now that we’re older (although the practical gifts are still in there, thankfully. I can always use a new toothbrush or pair of socks).

Here are some ideas for stocking stuffers for women.

stocking stuffers for women

Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik – This stick works so much better than any professional cleaner, IMO. I hate the little tubs where you have to dip your ring in and use a brush to clean ā€” it gets my fingers all wet and gross. This stick is super easy to use ā€” just turn the bottom a few times and the cleaning product comes right out and you just brush it on your ring and wash with water. I use it before I go out to a special occasion where I want my ring to be extra sparkly. Mine has lasted me over a year, too!

Mad Libs – I may be showing my age here, but Mad Libs were one of my favorite pastimes. I remember in high school bringing these to study hall and laughing my ass off with friends filling these in. Obviously we were including inappropriate verbs and nouns, of course.

Mistletoes Foot Exfoliation & Hydration Set – Winter (and quarantine, let’s be honest) is the perfect time to do one of those gross foot peels, since no one will be seeing your bare feet.

Airpod Case – How adorable is this Airpod case? I may be one of the only weirdos who doesn’t have a pair myself, but since everyone else does, this likely would be a cute stocking stuffer idea.

Sugarfina Cranberry Cocktail Gummy Bears – Give me anything Sugarfina and I’ll be a happy girl. At least 50% of my stocking contents need to be sugar-based. Yes, I’m that girl.

Deborah Lippman Gel Lab Pro Nail Color – Nail polish fits perfectly in a stocking. Enough said. Bonus points if it’s a gel-based one like this.

Kopari Frosty Kiss Lip Glossy Set – Another staple growing up that was in my stocking year after year was chapstick/lip products. This set includes a peppermint scent which is perfect for the holidays!

Three-Pack Geo Coated Acetate Hairpins – As a girl with long hair, I usually got some type of hair accessory in my stocking. Whether it’s cute hair clips or ponytail holders, it’s a must for anyone with good hair.

KACO Retractable Gel Ink Pens – While everything seems to be digital these days, I’m still a pen-and-paper kind of woman. So these colorful gel pens are perfect for jotting down notes.


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