Our 2020 Christmas Card

christmas card 2020

Since James and I have lived together (so since 2013?) we’ve sent out Christmas cards to our friends and family. I’m sure half of the people just throw them right in the trash, but I enjoy giving and receiving physical cards in the mail, so I continue to do it! I even hang all the cards we get on my pantry door in the kitchen so I can look at them multiple times a day as I get a snack.

Now that we have a child and our family has grown, we have even more of a reason to send out cards, so this year we got our photos professionally taken by a local photographer during one of their holiday mini sessions. If you’re located in the northern NJ area (Hoboken, Bergen County, or any surrounding areas), check out Susan Teplinsky Photography and tell her I sent you. We were so happy with the photos we ended up with!

I’m a Shutterfly fan, so like previous years I made a card using one of their many templates. Side note: one thing that drives me crazy about them though is that a lot of their designs have inconsistent or improper capitalization and grammar. I found so many cute designs that said “merry christmas” (Christmas needs to be capitalized) or “happy HOLIDAYS” (why are they yelling at me with all caps?) and I just couldn’t click “purchase” on. I am that crazy person that needs the casing and capitalization to be correct (I’m a writer who works in marketing, after all!) Anyway, I found one that worked and has nice coloring accents that matched the leaves in our photo. I chose one photo of the three of us and then added one of just Henry with his signature smile.

Since I can’t mail cards to everyone (have you seen the price of stamps these days? SHEESH!), here is a digital version of our Christmas card. I wish all of you and your families a happy holiday!


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