Amazon Navy Dress Review

amazon navy dress reviews

In typical first-time-Mom fashion, I booked our holiday photo shoot and then panicked about what I was going to wear. I wanted us to all coordinate somewhat, but not be totally matchy-matchy. So I let James choose a shirt he felt comfortable in and liked, and then I matched Henry’s and my outfit around that. Wife of the year, am I right?

After deciding that our color palette would be green and blue (with a little hint of burgundy in Henry’s tie for the holidays), I started browsing Amazon for navy dress options. Why Amazon? Well, they have an excellent return policy, Prime gets my dress in 2 days or less, and I needed something affordable to get here quickly.

I chose the following 3 dresses to try on, thinking that at least 2 would look horrible and that hopefully at least 1 would be okay enough to wear and keep. I ended up really enjoying all 3 dresses and had a hard time picking just 1 to keep and wear for the photos.


navy winter dresses from Amazon

Mansy Batwing Mock Wrap Sweater Dress   |  Amoretu V Neck Flowy Swing Dress  |  Soatrld Front Tie Long Puff Sleeve Dress

If you’re looking for a solid-colored, long-sleeve dress for an upcoming event or photoshoot, I highly recommend checking out these 3 options. For size reference, I ordered smalls in all of these and am typically a size 2/4 and am 5′ 1″ tall. And I apologize for the dirty mirror.

Mansy Batwing Mock Wrap Sweater Dress

I planned on wearing a sweater dress for our holiday photos initially, but then I really only found one option that I liked — this Mansy dress. So many sweater dresses are bulky and have no shape, and it just makes me look like a sack of potatoes. This dress, however, is dare I say a sexy sweater dress? It has a mock-wrap front with a deep V (I had no problem wearing a normal bra, though) and is fitted throughout. I loved that you can also adjust the shoulders to wear it as an off-the-shoulder dress or pull it up further to cover your shoulders. Ultimately I didn’t choose it because I just liked the fit of the Soatrld one better and could only wear one in photos, but I would definitely wear this for another occasion.

This dress is $39.99 and available on Amazon Prime. It comes in 10+ colors.

Amoretu V Neck Flowy Swing Dress

I chose this option to try out because of the flowy style. I was worried a dress that was too form-fitting or tight wouldn’t work on my postpartum body. At the same time, I didn’t want a swing dress that was too wide or puffy since that can make you look heavier than you are. I found this dress to be the perfect in-between. It was flowy enough on the bottom but the V-neck on the top helped balance it out (and show a bit of skin). V-necks and sweetheart necklines are always my go-tos with dresses since I think my neck/chest area is one of my better features (aka not a problem area, let’s be honest). The only con of this dress was that the sleeves were a bit too puffy for my liking. I may actually try the short-sleeve version in the spring though, since I loved everything else about it.

This dress is $27.98 and available on Amazon Prime. It comes in 20+ colors and also in short and long-sleeve versions.

Soatrld Front Tie Long Puff Sleeve Dress

I saw this dress a bunch on my LTK and Instagram and it looked really flattering on just about everyone that tried it on. Thankfully, when I tried it on I felt the same! The front-tie hits at the perfect place to hide a post-baby pooch and give the appearance of a waist that I no longer have. The sleeves are classified as “puff sleeves” in the description, but I didn’t find them to be overly roomy or puffy (which was a good thing). As far as the fabric goes, it was much higher quality than I expected. It was roomy enough in the bottom that I didn’t feel like I was wearing a dress to the club, and the top was tight enough on my chest that it wasn’t super loose.

The dress is $21.99 and available on Amazon Prime. It comes in 10+ colors and patterns, and since I really loved the fit of this one, I think I might order in a few other colors once I have to go back to the office.


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