The Best Valentine’s Day Decor From Target

I always say that if I was a single woman living alone, I’d have a lot more feminine pieces and colors in my house. But since I live with my husband, I try to keep things balanced (no pink bedroom or bows on shower curtains in this house). When we lived in an apartment, I didn’t do too much decorating for the holidays since the space was so small and I had nowhere to even store it, and I always said “When we get a house, I’ll decorate for every holiday”.

Now that we live in a house with some square footage (and a basement and attic for storage), I like to decorate for the main holidays — Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. One holiday I haven’t yet decorated for is Valentine’s Day — but after seeing all the cute Valentine’s Day decor items at Target, I’m starting to think I need to!

valentines day decor from target

Blush Hearts Pillow  |  Embroidered Floral Red Pillow  |  Beaded Velvet Hearts Pillow  |   Fiber Wrapped Heart Wreath  |  Artificial Pampas Grass Wreath  |  Artificial Woven Corn Husk Wreath  |  Melamine Heart Bowl  |   Scattered Hearts Terry Kitchen Towel  |  Heart Shaped Neon Light  |  Heart and Pom Decorative Filler  |  Fabric XO Wall Decor

How to Subtly Decorate Your House for Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to turn your home into Cupid’s love nest for Valentine’s Day. By swapping out a few pieces for something red or heart-patterned, you can subtly bring the holiday into your home. Here are a few examples of how.

Display a Valentine’s Day Wreath on Your Door

Worried about that red heart clashing with your farmhouse decor in your living room? Opt for Valentine’s Day themed outdoor decorations, like a wreath to hang on your door. I usually put away my holiday wreath in January and then my door is bare until spring, so a heart-shaped wreath is perfect for that in-between time.

Swap Out a Pillow or Two

By swapping out a few of your everyday pillows for a Valentine’s Day pillow you can add some character to your room. If your color palette is already fairly neutral (think beiges, grays, or black-and-white), pinks and reds pair well and won’t be a sight for sore eyes.

Add Fun Kitchen Accessories

In college, I was a sucker for Target’s themed kitchen accessories. They’re so affordable that it seems like I bought a new dish towel or drinking glass for every holiday. It didn’t hurt that we often had theme parties, either! Swapping out your everyday dish towels or bowls for something heart-shaped or patterned is an easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


  1. I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day either, but I think maybe I need to! I love those pillows and those cute little heart-shaped dishes.

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