Unique Vintage Valentine’s Day Collection

Sorry not sorry for all the heart/Valentine’s Day posts lately, but hey — let me have my fun! I love getting emails every time Unique Vintage comes out with a new collection (like their previous Care Bear collection or their Halloween collection). While some of their items are little too “pinup girl” for my style (I can’t pull that off, but follow Ashley if that’s your style because she can), the rest are the perfect mix of feminine and nostalgic.

I didn’t include any of their fancy dresses or anything because let’s be honest — most of us aren’t going anywhere that would require a fancy dress like that. Instead, I’m featuring a few of their comfy sweaters and accessories that can be worn while you’re working from home or having a small (safe) get together with your family. Or even a romantic Valentine’s Day date at a restaurant or at home with take out.

Unique Vintage Heart Sweaters

unique vintage heart sweaters

Rose & Ivory Hearts Oversized Sweater  |  Pink & Red Hearts Sparkle Sweater  |  Plus Size Black & Multicolor Lips Sweater  |  Beige & Burgundy Heart Oversized Sweater  |  Light Pink & Burgundy Hearts Sweater  |  Pink & Red Hearts Open Long Cardigan


Unique Vintage Heart Accessories

unique vintage heart accessories

Hot Pink Love Machine Heart Sunglasses  |  Red Rhinestone Heart Crossbody Purse  |  Gold Heart Charm Bracelet  |  Silver Hearts Rhinestone Drop Earrings  |  Light Pink Drop Hoop Earring  |  Gold Heart & Multicolor Rhinestone Pearl Drop Earrings  |  Black Heart Columns Sheer Pantyhose


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