9 Table Lamps From Target for Every Home Decor Style

When it comes to wallet-friendly furniture and home decor items, Target is one of my go-to stores. (It doesn’t hurt that I have a Red Card so I get 5% off and free shipping!) Their designer collaborations lately with brands like Studio McGee are really high quality — which is probably why so much of that collection in particular is already sold out. 75% of the time when someone asks me where I got an item in my house, the answer is Target.

I browsed through some of their new arrivals and rounded up 9 table lamps from Target for every home decor style.

target table lamps for your home decor style

Medium Faux Wood Table Lamp  |  Blue and White Ceramic Table Lamp  |  Tan Resin Table Lamp  |  Floral Patterned Ceramic Table Lamp  |  Wood Geo Table Lamp  |  Round Rattan Accent Lamp  |  Gold Leaf Table Lamp  |  Cream Ceramic Applique Table Lamp  |  Rattan Table Lamp with Pink Shade

Modern Table Lamps

These modern table lamps are simple, yet will still make a statement in a room. I’m partial to neutral colors myself, so I love lamps in shades of gray, brown, and white. If you’re looking for something with a little bit of color while staying true to the modern decor style, opt for blues and greens (this blue and white option is gorgeous). These lamps would look great in any room, but my mind immediately goes to using them in a nursery.

Traditional Table Lamps

These traditional table lamps make a great addition to a bedroom or living room. This geo wood version matches nicely with dark hardwoods or furniture, while this rattan accent lamp lightens up a darker room. Because these lamps are simple and classic, you can pair then with something more patterned, like a couch or duvet cover, without the room looking too trendy (or tacky). If they are a bit too boring for you as-is, you an easily replace the lamp shade with a colored or patterned shade.

Bohemian Table Lamps

I can’t really pull off the bohemian style (it would clash with what my home already looks like), but I do love seeing others whose homes follow this particular decor style. These lamps would look great in a room filled with color, fun embellishments live fabrics with fringe or macramé, and plants. Lots of plants! Additionally, this rattan lamp with a pink shade would also look cute in a beach house or a girl’s beach-themed bedroom.


  1. I always considered myself partial to neutrals as well but I really love those Bohemian style table lamps! Redecorating my bedroom is next on my list so I’ll definitely need to check out Target for cute table lamps!

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