6 Trendy Candles That Are Anything But Boring

I’ve done a 180 on candles as I’ve gotten older. When I was growing up and living at home, I didn’t see the need for candles. I was living with my parents so any candles that were burned were my Mom’s, and in college we couldn’t have candles at all due to fire reasons, so I just never found the need for them. And when I got them as gifts I would roll my eyes and call them a “lazy, impersonalized gift”. But now that I have my own home and have guests over to entertain, candles are a must-have. And I will gladly accept candles as a gift now, may I add.

In addition to candles making a room smell good, they also are used for decor purposes. While I’m a fan of the standard white pillar candles as decor “filler” to round out a look, there are so many trendy candles showing up on my Pinterest feed. The items below are all from Etsy, so you’re supporting small businesses when you shop.

non boring candles

(1) Twisted White Knot Candle  |  (2) Wavy Sculptured Candle  |  (3) Bubble Cube Candle  |  (4) Polyhedron Candle  |  (5) Women’s Figure Candle  |  (6) Fun Shapes Candles

How to Pull Off The Latest Candle Trends

It sounds odd typing that out (after all, candles aren’t clothes), but I feel like there are certain home decor trends that just don’t jive well in certain styles of homes. Here are some tips for decorating your home with the candle trends above.

Twisted Knot Candles – To me, a twisted or knotted candle can work in just about any home. You may have seen the viral TikToks about how to make these yourself, but Etsy also has a ton of good options if DIY isn’t your thing. To style them, place them atop a few books stacked horizontally.

Wavy Sculptured Candles– These are a fun take on the traditional pillar candle, so you can either replace your collection of pillar candles with these, or just add one or two into the mix.

Bubble Cube Candles – Bubble cube candles work well in modern, minimalist spaces. A fun idea is to display one underneath a glass cloche.

Polyhedron Candles– Polyhedron decor makes me think of West Elm, so if that’s your style, these will fit nicely into your home.

Women’s Figure/Bust Candles – These look nice styled against plants (faux or real, no judgement here), and can add a feminine touch to a more masculine space — after all, these candles are essentially titties.

Fun Shaped Candles  – These fun-shaped (and colored!) candles add fun to a nightstand, table, or shelf.

styling trendy candles


  1. I love candles but am terrible about remembering to actually use them–isn’t that terrible? I love that wavy pillar candle though. It’s classic but a little funky–so fun!

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