3 New-to-Me Brands I’m Loving

Back in high school, I was that person who liked bands before they got famous and shopped at Forever 21 before most of my peers. So let’s just say I used to be ahead of the curve 😉 Now, however, I feel like I find out about popular things a few weeks or months after they come out — I blame TikTok, Gen Z, and the decline of the traditional fashion magazine. These brands could very well be on everyone else’s radar and I’m just behind… you tell me.

pamela munson bags

Pamela Munson

Pamela Munson is a straw accessories brand that all your favorite grandmillenials are flaunting. The pieces are feminine and natural, making them perfect for the spring and summer. I think they’d make a great accessory for upcoming weddings, bridal/baby showers, or beach trips. They’re also fairly timeless, so you don’t have to worry about them going out of style like you would with a trendy neon bag.

Eyelet Shoulder Bag  |  The Charlotte Fleur  |  La Fleur  |  Las Olas Leather  |  Isla Bahia Leather Cognac  |  Put A Bow On It Candy Apple


brinker and eliza jewelry

Brinker & Eliza

Brinker & Eliza is a jewelry brand run by a mother/daughter duo who have been making things together for years. Their pieces feature colorful beads, lots of gold tones, freshwater pearls, and heart shapes (which we all know I’m partial to). Most items are under $200 and are sold at other outlets such as Shopbop and Neiman Marcus. I’ve personally bookmarked a few of their pairs of earrings for when my piercings finally heal up so I can buy them.

The Best Is Yet To Come Huggie Earrings  |  Cotton Candy Necklace  |  Billie Hoops  |  Clare Bracelet  |  Inez Bracelet  |  Frosted Necklace  |  Heart of Gold Earrings

tucker and tate kids clothing

Tucker & Tate

Tucker & Tate is a Nordstrom-made brand sold exclusively at — you guessed it — Nordstrom. The brand is “inspired by everyday adventures and wild imaginations” and features fun prints like rainbows, avocados, fish, and more. The line has both girl’s and boy’s clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers, and young children (most styles are available up to a children’s size 8). I’m pretty sure Henry needs that avocado button-up shirt for this summer.

Smocked One-Piece Swimsuit  |  Tie Dye Romper  |  Two-Piece Rashguard Swimsuit  |  Kids’ Print Button-Up Shirt  |  Tie Front Graphic Tee  |  Dreamy Dress


  1. The heart jewelry is so cute! Did you recently get new ear piercings? I recently got my 3rd hole and 2nd hold (technically a re-piercing because my old one closed up). I keep buying earrings I can’t wear for 6 months LOL.

    1. I didn’t! I’m going to write a post on the whole saga eventually but basically I developed an allergy to all earrings suddenly after years of wearing earrings so I’m trying to re-train and essentially re-pierce them.

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