1 Year Old Boy Easter Basket Ideas

1 year old boy easter basket

This is the first year I’m doing an Easter basket for Henry since he was only 2 months old last year (look at this photo to see how small he was). What was I going to put in his basket? Milk? A pacifier? And it’s not like he could even appreciate any of the items or touch/feel them. But now that he’s crawling all over, eating everything in sight, and thinks everything is a toy, it’s the perfect time to put together a little basket.

While we’re on the topic, does anyone else feel that some people go SO OVERBOARD on their kid’s Easter baskets? I’m talking $100 to $200 worth of items shoved into an Easter “basket” the size of an inflatable pool.

What I’m Including in Henry’s Easter Basket

easter ideas for 1 year old boy

Bamba Peanut Puff Snacks  |  Sort & Squeak Eggs Infant Toy  |  HappyBaby Organic Greek Yogis

My parents gifted Henry this cute cloth basket last year so I used it this year to put his treats in. I’m going to wait to order a larger basket (maybe one of those that are personalized with names) until we have another child (God willing) so they can be matching. I did the same thing with Christmas stockings — I didn’t want to order family ones right away because the style/item may be sold out in the future and then our second child ends up having a non-matching stocking. #priorities

This year, I kept things simple and included Bamba puffs (a snack he hasn’t actually tried yet, so this will be a fun treat), some Greek yogurt bites (another item we’ve been meaning to try), and these sort and squeak egg toys (great for baby’s development and tied to the Easter theme).

Other 1 Year Old Boy Easter Basket Ideas


easter gift basket ideas for 1 year old boys

Sidewalk Chalk  |  Mini Bubble Wands  |  Munchkin Ocean Bath Toys  |  Melissa & Doug Stacking Cars  |  Guess How Much I Love You Soft Activity Book  |  Llama Llama Easter Egg Board Book  |  Baseball Cap  |  Bib-On Toddler Sunglasses  |  Gerber Puffs  |  Happy Tot Superfoods Pouch

Here are some ideas for Easter basket filler for a 1-year-old boy (all available on Amazon Prime to ship in time):

  • Snacks – Nonperishable snacks like Goldfish, Puffs, crackers, and pouches all fit nicely into a standard-sized Easter basket.
  • Books – Toddlers can never have enough books, right? Plus there are so many cute Easter-themed books to choose from (both soft books and board books).
  • Small toys – Think of items they can use now that it’s spring, like bubbles and sidewalk chalk, in addition to regular toys like stacking cars, and bath toys.
  • Accessories – A hat or pair of sunglasses are perfect for an Easter basket.


  1. I’m with you – I think people go way overboard with the baskets! This is the first year that we’re doing something for Sophia and I just tried to make it fun 🙂

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