Anthropologie Summer Dresses

Anthropologie is one of those places I always dreamed about shopping at when I was in my early 20’s and starting out blogging. All these bloggers would post their Anthropologie items and I would be so jealous because I couldn’t afford (or justify) spending $250 on a dress that I might wear to one event each summer. And while I still feel that way about a lot of their items, I do find myself investing in a few pieces from there each year — whether it’s a piece of clothing, a home decor item (like the agate coasters in my living room), or even a baby item.

One item that Anthropologie gets right year after year — and one that is worth investing in — is their summer dresses. They’re breezy, colorful, and trendy. The ultimate compliment you can get on your summer dress is, “Oh, I love your dress. Is it from Anthropologie?” Here I’m breaking down all of their latest summer dresses that I love, grouped into themes. Which Anthropologie summer dress is your favorite?

anthropologie floral dresses

Anthropologie Floral Dresses for Summer

What’s more quintessential for summer than a floral dress? I’ll wait. Anthro carries your typical feminine floral dresses, but also boldly colored and boho-chic options, too. Just keep the rest of your accessories fairly simple as to not take away from the floral print.

Top Row:  Poppies Maxi Dress  |  Flouncy Floral Mini Dress  |  Ruffled Floral Maxi Dress

Middle Row:  Maeve Floral Mini Dress  |  Frida Cross-Back Midi Dress  |  Rosette Maxi Dress

Bottom Row:  Floral Puff-Sleeved Mini Dress  |  Ruffled One-Shoulder Blouse  |  Ruffled Maxi Dress


anthropologie striped dresses

Anthropologie Striped Dresses for Summer

These striped dresses are more colorful and loose than their winter/fall counterparts, making them perfect for summer. If you’re tired of the boring stripes, try vertical stripes, colorblocked stripes, or striped with ruffled details (like the sleeves on a few of the dresses above).

Top Row:  Ruffled Maxi Dress  |  Striped Linen Midi Dress

Bottom Row:  Tiered Cover-Up Midi Dress  |  Rainbow Stripe Midi Dress


anthropologie embroidered dresses

Anthropologie Embroidered Dresses for Summer

Some of my favorite summer memories growing up involve me wearing an embroidered dress or top. Odd observation, I know, but it’s a memory that has stuck in my head. I remember the black floral embroidered top that made me feel so confident that I wore it until it started falling apart at the seams. The embroidered dresses above are great for summer picnics, get-togethers, and more.

Top Row:  Embroidered Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Dress Esperanza Embroidered Maxi Dress

Middle Row:  Embroidered Square-Neck Mini Dress  |  Embroidered One-Shoulder Maxi Dress

Bottom Row:  Embroidered Patchwork Maxi Dress  |  Embroidered Mini Dress


anthropologie bold pattern dresses

Anthropologie Bold Patterned Dresses for Summer

Anthropologie is the go-to when you’re looking for something bold and patterned, and these dresses are no exception. I find that large prints like this help elongate my frame (oddly enough), so I often have one or two each summer in my dress rotation.

Top Row:  Geometric Maxi Dress  |  Seashell Mini Dress

Middle Row:  Tropical Halter Mini Dress  |  Postcard Cover-Up Mini Dress

Bottom Row:  Painterly Midi Dress  |  Abstract Flounced Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Dress

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