Favorite Bath Time Products for Babies & Toddlers

best bath time products for babies and toddlers

Bath time with your baby or toddler can cause a wide range of emotions for the Mom. For some, it’s a time to get 20 minutes to just sit and watch your baby as they play with their bath toys. For others, it’s a game of “how quickly can I get this done so my water-hating child stops screaming?” No matter which camp you fall into currently, you want to make sure you have all the essential bath time products to make things easier for you and baby.

Henry went from not loving the bath as a baby to spending forever in the bath with his toys a few months later. Right now, at 17 months, he’s in the phase where he wants to just stand up in the bath and refuses to sit and play with his toys. (I’m hoping it’s a phase at least?)

Here are some of my favorite bath time products for babies and toddlers. Share yours in the comments!

The Best Bath Time Products for Babies & Toddlers

baby in skiphop bathtub

Skip Hop MOBY Bathtub with Sling – I chose this bathtub because it grows with your baby from infant to when they can sit up on their own. The mesh sling is easy to remove and clean/wash as needed (I only needed to do this a handful of times ā€” if you let it air dry properly and frequently, you should be fine).

Skip Hop Safety Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser – Of course I purchased the matching rinser because I like things to match, but it actually does a good job. The rubber lining also helps act as a squeegee to clean up water drops on the side of the tub. Win!

Skip Hop Moby Safety Bath Spout Cover – We didn’t use this until Henry was out of the baby bathtub (since he wasn’t anywhere near the spout), but it became a must-have once he started being mobile. It fits nicely on our spout and matches the rest of the bath gear.

Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel, Baby Body Wash, and Baby Shampoo – We were gifted so many different baby washes and shampoos, so I did try a few to find my favorite. The winner was the one I researched and purchased myself (not trying to brag – haha), the Mustela. It’s super gentle and doesn’t have an overpowering smell like many of the others I tried. We bathe Henry every other day for the most part and I’m still on the same bottle (nearing the need to repurchase though), so it really lasts a long time and is a good value for the money.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion – I love that this isn’t heavily scented and is super gentle on baby’s skin. To be honest, this is the only body lotion we’ve tried so I can’t compare it to others, but I do like it.

DermaFrida The SkinSoother Baby Bath Silicone Brush – I use this to shampoo Henry’s hair vs. using a washcloth. I like that it gently scrubs and exfoliates any dead skin/cradle cap (when he was a baby). It also nicely lathers and gives the impression that he’s getting a good scrub at the spa or hairdresser. That’s what I tell him, anyway…

luvable friends baby towel

Luvable Friends Hooded Towels – I wasn’t too picky with the bath towels we chose. I picked what was cute, affordable, and had decent reviews. So far, these towels have held up nicely in the wash.

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Washcloths – These are gentle on the skin and wash really well (no snags or tears yet!) It looks like they only have white in stock right now, but the ones I have are gray.

Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy OrganizerĀ – This bath toy organizer has multi uses (I love a good multi-use product). Firstly, it stores your bath toys all in one place and allows them to dry with the removable drying rack bin. Secondly, you can use it as a scooper to scoop up the toys when bath time is nearing an end. Lastly, it helps me keep track of my bath toys and not over-buy toys since I have a mantra of “all the toys for the bath must fit in this bin”.

Munchkin Lake Squirts Bath ToysĀ – These are SO cute and Henry loves them. Currently he loves throwing them out of the bath onto the floor or “giving” them to me as a gift. I’ve found that the water also squirts out of them easily, so I don’t worry as much about mold growing.

melissa and doug tub stickables

Melissa & Doug Tub Stickables – These come in various formats (letters, numbers, shapes, and animals) ā€” we have the number version. I like these over the cheap ones you can get on Amazon because they stay up better, they are made of higher quality materials, and they come with a nice container that sticks right to your tub to allow them to dry.

Wind Up Swimming Turtle Toys – These were a gift from Henry’s Nonna and he loves them. You wind up the toy, place it in the bath, and watch the turtle swim all over. They’re super inexpensive, so even if you just get a few months of use out of them, it’s totally worth it.


  1. Eliza loves bathtime and so do we! I can’t wait until she can really play with us more! I’m bookmarking these toy ideas for when she’s ready for them šŸ™‚

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