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These days, I usually just wear my wedding and engagement rings. I’ve been itching for a nice ring for my right hand (cough, cough, maybe for my 5-year wedding anniversary this September?), or even a few cute fashion rings to swap out based on my outfits. Something about summer makes me want to wear more jewelry — maybe because I actually have some events to attend or trips to go on.

One ring trend I’m loving are acrylic rings and resin rings. I think they remind me of my childhood and that’s why I have a soft spot for them — in fact, I distinctly remember one resin ring I had that was clear with red flowers underneath. It only fit on my pointer finger (team small fingers over here), and it was kind of gaudy, but I loved it. I love a good piece of dainty silver jewelry, but I also like fun, colorful, and kitschy when an outfit calls for it.

The 90’s and 00’s are coming back into style. And while I don’t agree with all of these trends (like bucket hats – why?), I can get behind colorful, plastic rings. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Best Acrylic Rings & Resin Rings

resin rings

Sobly Resin Acrylic Rings  |  Glitter Plastic Rings  |  Novelty Flowers Ring  |  Hot Pink Heart Shape Ring with Emerald Green Jewel  |  Lola Resin Ring Set  |  Twist Design Ring  |  Sapphire Crystal Ring  |  Green Flower Ring  |  Rainbow Resin Stacking Ring Set

How to Wear Resin Rings & Acrylic Rings

how to wear the resin ring trend

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  • Stack them up and pile them on. These rings are chunky, colorful, and statement-making, so there’s no use in being shy when wearing them. Stack a few of different colors, styles, and sizes for a funky look.
  • Mix metals. Many resin or acrylic rings have silver or gold details on them, which can play well against your other fine jewelry.
  • Make sure your nails are done. Wearing a statement ring (or 3) draws attention to your hands, so make sure your nails are polished and presentable.

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