Trend: 90’s Jewelry

There’s something about nostalgia that just puts me in a good mood. Whether it’s stumbling upon a YouTube clip from a show from my childhood that I forgot existed, or finding a photo from a middle school dance and laughing over our clothing choices, nostalgia makes my day. So when this summer I noticed that a lot of the jewelry trends that I rocked in the 90’s and early 2000’s were coming back, I was one happy girl.

Although I didn’t win “Best Dressed” in high school (I did win “Most Likely to Become President” though…), I definitely thought I dressed well — and my accessories were no exception. I actually had some identical pieces to the items below (although mine were definitely purchased from Claires).

There were so many 90’s jewelry trends that are popular now, but I chose to just cover a few of them. Ones that didn’t make the cut? Rainbow beads, personalized everything, and peace signs. While we’re on the topic, check out my previous posts on resin rings and seed bead jewelry, which were also trends of ~my youth~.

Smiley Face Jewelry

I had a phase where I was really into the yellow smiley face “trend”. I remember I had a bright yellow smiley face piggy bank and a smiley-face-a-day calendar in my room. While I don’t remember owning any smiley face jewelry, I’m sure I had some. I love this trend now because it… just makes me smile. You can’t look at a grown adult wearing a yellow smiley necklace and not crack a smile yourself.


smiley face jewelry

Smiley Gal Ring  |  Daisy Dream Hoops  |  Smiley Face Pearl Necklace  |  Joey Baby HaHa Pearl & Smile Bracelet  |  Rainbow Flower Smile Charm Hoop Earring  |  Bright Multi Smiley Face Necklace  |  Enamel Adjustable Smiley Ring

Yin Yang Jewelry

I remember having a few different yin yang jewelry pieces (and yes, one may have come from a gumball machine) during my childhood. In my high school years, I had a (fake) diamond necklace that was a combo of a peace sign and yin yang. Whoa, I know.

yin yang jewelry

Yin Yang Studs  |  Very Cherry Earrings  |  Yin & Yang Pearl Anklet  |  Enamel Yin & Yang Ring  |  Yin To My Yang Chunky Hoops  |  Yin Yang Ring Set  |  Joeybabynyc Feng Shui Earrings


Mushroom Jewelry

These cute, cartoon-ish mushrooms are just appealing to me, and I’m not even sure why. It reminds me of the friend we all had growing up who was a little ahead of the trends and artsier than the rest of the group. You know, the girl will wall tapestries, posters of bands no one had ever heard of, and incense burning 24/7.

mushroom jewelry

Spore-geous Charm  |  Amanita Locket Charm  |  Lucien Pearl Icon Charm Hoop Earring  |  Brinker & Eliza
Psychedelic Hoops  |  Shroomie Hoops  |  Magic Mushroom Necklace  |  Gold Plated Necklace with Mushroom Pendant


Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly clips were a popular hair accessory (and even those are coming back into style), but what about butterfly jewelry? These pieces are cute, feminine, and fun.

butterfly jewelry

Butterfly Rainbow Beaded Choker  |  Fly With Me Earrings  |  Ashley Moore Fly High Ring  |  Sweet Talk Choker  |  Blue Plastic Butterfly Ring  |  Butterfly Charm Bracelet


Best Brands & Stores to Shop 90’s Jewelry

  • Urban Outfitters – Urban Outfitters carries tons of trendy jewelry pieces, including lots of fun and colorful beaded items that are on-trend.
  • Adina’s Jewels – Adina carries thousands of items of fine jewelry and costume jewelry. You’ve probably seen their items all over Instagram, too.
  • Fraiser Sterling – These trendy pieces look great on their own or stacked/layered. The style is a mix of LA and nostalgia.
  • BP – The BP brand at Nordstrom caters to a younger audience than the typical Nordstrom shopper. Their collection includes enamel colorful jewelry, beaded items, and charms.
  • Etsy – You can find just about any piece of jewelry on Etsy. A few shops that carry 90’s themed jewelry are MadebyStarlightshine, YSJEWELS, and SodaandSparkle.


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