Where to Eat in Wildwood, NJ

where to eat in wildwood nj

One of the most important parts of any vacation is the food. Most people go to Wildwood for the beaches and the boardwalks, but there’s also some decent seafood places in the area. Wondering where to eat in Wildwood, NJ? Here are a few spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert that we’ve visited in the numerous times we’ve been to Wildwood in the past few years.

Where to Eat Breakfast in Wildwood, NJ

Since we stay in a condo when we visit Wildwood, we have access to a full kitchen and don’t usually have the need to go out for breakfast. But there have been occasions (usually on the last day as we’re heading home) where we stop at a local spot to get something to eat. So I only have reviews of a few spots specifically for breakfast.

Jamaica Me Hungry

This beachfront stop is within walking distance from many of the condos and hotels on the south side of Wildwood Crest. It features American breakfast offerings with a tropical theme (like the Caribbean Stuffed Toast and the Ackee & Saltfish entree).

Britton’s Gourmet Bakery

While we didn’t have time to stop here ourselves, we heard rave reviews from others at the pool where we stayed and plan on visiting next time we go. Some of their bakery offerings include cinnamon sticky buns, gourmet donuts, crumb cake, danishes, croissants, muffins, sfogliatelle, cinnamon coffee rolls, and their famous apple fritters.

Where to Eat Lunch in Wildwood, NJ

We usually end up making our own sandwiches to take to the beach or pool as our lunch, but there are occasions where we’ll go out to eat (like if it’s raining or if we have a non-beach activity lined up that day).

Olympic Flame

If you’re spending the day at the boardwalk, there are tons of places to eat. Some of them are pretty junky (looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks or only offers fried food), but Olympic Flame is an exception. It’s clean, has a huge menu, and the food is good.

Sal’s Pizza

We typically end up at Sal’s for takeout for dinners, but I put them into the lunch category since I had so many other dinner places on my list. Sal’s has everything you could ever want from a pizzeria, whether you’re looking for fried appetizers, cheesesteaks, or Italian dinners.

Seapointe Beach Grill wildwood

Seapointe Beach Grill

If you’re spending the day at the beaches near the Seapointe area, this little “snack shack” nestled right along the entryway to the beach is a great spot to pick up lunch. Typically places like this right on the beach offer 3-4 items (chicken fingers, a burger, etc.) but I was throughouly impressed at their menu offerings (it had salads and sandwiches — not just fried items). There’s a nice covered area to eat with picnic tables too (if you’d rather eat there than in your beach chairs or on your beach towel). Be sure to check out the water ice while you’re there, too. The chocolate is my favorite — it legitimately tastes like a frozen Tootsie roll.

Where to Eat Dinner in Wildwood, NJ

If you like seafood, Wildwood is the place to be. There are so many good seafood restaurants in the area that it can be hard to choose which one to go to. We typically go to the same 4 or 5 places since we know they have good food and we’ve had good experiences there over the years.

boathouse restaurant wildwood nj

Boathouse Restaurant & Marina Deck

The Boathouse has gorgeous views both inside and out, great service, and delicious food. For dinner, each table gets bread and a shared house salad, so keep that in mind when ordering your entrée and appetizers. This most recent trip, I had the linguini and clams it was probably top 3 versions of the dish I’ve ever had (and it’s one of the signature dishes I order at restaurants). James got the Blueberry Balsamic Glazed Salmon and raved about that, too. They are very kid-friendly and have a decent-sized kid’s menu as well (which was important to us as we were dining with an 18-month-old).

Both the Boathouse and Urie’s (see below) fill up quickly and get super busy during dinner hours, so it’s important to make reservations or get there early. Due to COVID, they weren’t taking reservations, so we just ended up going at 4:30 to beat the rush and we still had to wait a bit to be seated. During normal times, a reservation is sufficient. The parking isn’t as ample as it should be, but there are gravel overflow lots with some spots (you’ll need to do a little walking to get to the actual restaurants).


the wharf wildwood nj

The Wharf

The Wharf has 2 separate areas and menus – outdoors or indoors. The outdoor menu is more bar food, while the indoor menu and seating is more formal. I personally haven’t eaten outdoors, so I’ll only speak to the indoor menu and dining experience. The service was great and the food came out fast. The fried brussel sprout appetizer was amazing – a must-have! For my main, I got the crab cakes which were flavorful and filling. The cocktails here are also great — they make a good cosmo if you’re into that.


Urie’s is a waterfront restaurant with a nice selection of seafood and non-seafood options, so there is something for everyone. They’re known for their crab options (like the “All You Can Eat” crab offerings), so if you love crab, definitely check out Urie’s.

two mile restaurant wildwood

2 mile landing wildwood nj

Two Mile Landing

Much like many of the waterfront restaurants in Wildwood, there are restaurants side-by-side, both with different menus and experiences. I’ve only dined inside (the outdoor space is called the Crab House), so I can only speak to that. What I love about Two Mile Landing is that their menu has options that you don’t see a ton on other restaurant menus. Sure, they have the seafood staples you’re looking for, but they also have fun additions like hush puppies, a Nashville hot fish sandwich, and crab risotto.

Where to Eat Dessert in Wildwood, NJ

seashell ice cream wildwood nj

Sea Shell Ice Cream

This place isn’t the best-looking on the outside, but once you get inside you’ll be overwhelmed by all the ice cream options! Up front you can order flavors of hard ice cream (if you just want a few scoops in a cone or bowl), and the back area is for special-ordered sundaes, banana splits, and shakes. The portions are huge, too! It’s always busy and parking is sparse, so you may need to park on a side street.

Douglass Fudge

There are many fudge places in Wildwood and along the boardwalk, but I think this one is the best. If fudge isn’t your thing, there’s also lots of old-school candies, taffy, and more. We did a “Pick Your Own” box and chose 4 different fudge flavors to try out. Our favorite? The milk chocolate caramel.

Kohr’s Brothers

Kohr’s Brothers frozen custard is a Wildwood staple. Enough said!

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