Brand Spotlight: Deepa Gurnani Jewelry

As part of my “Brand Spotlight” series, I wanted to highlight a new-to-me jewelry brand that has caught my eye lately: Deepa Gurnani. Their pieces comprise mostly of statement earrings handcrafted with beads and embroidery. While the pieces can be worn year-round or anywhere, I relate them to summer and beachy destinations (like a vacation I wish I was taking).

About Deepa Gurnani Jewelry

Deepa Gurnani, a husband-and-wife team, makes gorgeous handcrafted jewelry with hand-embroidered elements. Their mission — straight from their website — is to preserve and refine the storied craft of Indian hand embroidery. Their hand crafted accessories are created using responsible and ethical methods, and they commit a portion of their profits to charitable causes.

My Favorite Deepa Gurnani Jewelry Pieces

I grouped my favorite pieces into themes that I noticed when browsing through their collection: shells, tassels, and hearts.

Shell Jewelry

Every summer I pick up one or two new pieces of jewelry that scream “summer” to me — whether that’s an earring made of straw, some fun sun earrings, or something with shells. I love these pieces which incorporate cowrie shells with other items like pearls and gems.

shell and cowrie jewelry

Tahiti Shell Earrings  |  Aliyah Bangle  |  Kaia Shell Bangle  |  Kaia Shell Drop Earrings  |  Aliyah Shell Drop Earrings  |  Naitee Earrings  |  Eloise Headband


Tassel Jewelry

Nothing says “statement jewelry” like a pair of large tassel earrings. I used to be afraid to wear them, but I wear earrings so infrequently that now it’s fun to break out a pair. These are an easy way to add fun to any outfit.

Deepa Gurnani tassel earrings

Becka Rainbow Fringe Earrings  |  Isha Tassel Drop Earrings  |  Bina Beaded Tassel Drop Earrings  |  Jody Beaded Tassel Earrings

Heart Jewelry

You know about my love for heart jewelry, so there’s not much more to explain here. However, this collection takes on a more colorful approach than what I typically wear.

Deepa Gurnani heart jewelry

Prisha Heart Drop Earrings  |  Danika Beaded Fringe Heart Earrings  |  Passion Fringe Drop Earrings  |  Emerson Fringe Heart Earrings  |  2-Piece Beaded Philippa Clip Set  |  Keya Earrings

Where to Shop Deepa Gurnani Jewelry

In addition to their brand website, tons of retailers carry select Deepa Gurnani pieces, like:

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