My Favorite Tarte Blushes (Shade Names & Swatches)

the best tarte blushes

When it comes to blush brands, I’m pretty loyal to a select few ā€” one of them being Tarte. Tarte blushes are a favorite of mine for various reasons: the range of shades is huge, they have options with and without glitter, and they are highly pigmented and stay on all day (hence the product collection name “12-hour blush”). Their blushes are formulated without parabens and phthalates and include Amazonian clay and vitamin E.

I recently used up a Sephora gift card or two I had laying around to stock up on some Tarte blushes and wanted to showcase some of my favorite shades.

For reference, I have fair skin and cool undertones so these are the shades that I’ve found work best on me. And ignore the colors of the packaging! I’ve found that the colors of the packaging don’t align well at all with what the actual blush color looks like.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Swatches

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Swatches

The shade names from the swatch above, left to right, are Blushing Bride, Natural Beauty, Captivating, Blissful, and Dollface. On Tarte’s website, they usually feature various models with different skin tones (and they even have an option where you can do a virtual try on yourself), so that will also give you a better idea of how it’ll look on you.

tarte blushing bride blush

Tarte Blush in “Blushing Bride”

Tarte’s Blushing Bride blush is a rosy pink shade with a radiant finish (just the tiniest bit of shimmer/glow). To me, it has mauve undertones so it’s definitely a “pink” but more of a darker rose shade.

tarte natural beauty blush

Tarte Blush in “Natural Beauty”

Tarte’s Natural Beauty blush is a rosy red shade with a radiant finish. To me, it’s a bit more “bright” and has undertones of red in it compared to the blushing bride shade above. I find that I can apply less of this shade than others because it’s so rosy and red (just one swipe instead of a few).

tarte captivating blush

Tarte Blush in “Captivating”

Tarte’s Captivating blush is a bright peach shade with a radiant finish. I always thought I couldn’t pull of peachy colors that aren’t heavily pink because of my fair skin, but this shade works really well (if anything, it makes me look a little more tan when I swipe it on!)

tarte blissful blush

Tarte Blush in “Blissful”

Tarte’s Blissful blush is a bright rose shade with a radiant finish. To me, it has some peach undertones to it, while the other pink shades in this post don’t. I’d say this is a close shade (but not a dupe) to my standard NARS Orgasm shade. I like this shade for days when I only am putting on a tiny but of makeup. Because of the natural flush, it looks normal and nice and not like I’m wearing a ton of makeup.

tarte dollface blush

Tarte Blush in “Dollface”

Tarte’s Dollface blush is a light pink shade with a radiant finish. I refer to this shade as bubblegum pink ā€” it’s very pigmented, feminine, and a light shade of pink. I wear this shade when I really want to draw attention to my face/skin and on “full glam” days when I have eyeliner and mascara on.


  1. Tarte makes the BEST blushes, I have many of these. I always buy them when they come out in a new shade with the special packaging. I just got the bloom blush with the pretty watercolors on the lid. beautiful blush on the inside. I am very happy!

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