Trend: Houndstooth Clothing

One of the patterns that’s coming back into style this fall/winter is houndstooth. Houndstooth is described as a “duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes”. Traditionally it’s in black and white or other contrasting dark and light shades. I personally prefer the classic black-and-white colorway of the pattern, but I guess I’m boring.

For me, I associate houndstooth clothing with workwear for some reason. Maybe it’s because the houndstooth pieces I’ve owned over the years have been workwear staples like a Calvin Klein sheath dress (which I wore the first day at my current job oddly enough) or a cardigan sweater.

See below for a few of my favorite houndstooth clothing pieces (and accessories!) and tips for ways to style the trendy pattern.

fashion trend houndstooth

Houndstooth Dress | Houndstooth Wool-blend Blazer | Houndstooth Corset Top | Shimmer Houndstooth Shift Skirt | Houndstooth Tunic Sweater | Houndstooth Flat | Houndstooth Sweater Vest | Houndstooth Open Front Jacket | Houndstooth Pixie Skinny Pants | Manhattan Houndstooth Large Tote

How to Wear the Houndstooth Trend

While there’s no right or wrong way to wear houndstooth, I like finding inspiration on Pinterest or blogs to try new ways to wear the pattern.

how to wear houndstooth

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  • Pair with a bright color (or two!) Since most houndstooth pieces on the market are black and white, you can wear it with just about any bright color. My favorite way to add a pop of color to houndstooth is with accessories, like a bag or scarf. Heather from Forage Fashion pulled off pairing houndstooth with both a cobalt scarf and a green bag and made it look easy!
  • Wear with your favorite jeans. There’s something about pairing a busy pattern with a classic pair of jeans that just completes an outfit. Lilly of Lilly Style created one of my favorite, timeless fall outfits by doing just this.
  • Go beyond black and white. Krystin of Krystin Lee rocked the houndstooth trend in a pink and white pattern. If you have more of a preppy or feminine style, this is the perfect way to wear the pattern.
  • Layer with another pattern — if you’re bold enough. As long as you keep your outfit within the same color palette (like sticking to neutrals, for example), you can mix two patterns together. In the inspiration photo above Dunes Magazine, you’ll see the model pairing a houndstooth scarf with a plaid skirt.

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