Gift Guide: The Homebody

Wondering what to buy for the homebodies on your Christmas list? I consider myself mostly a homebody (especially now that I mostly work from home) so making this list was fairly easy. I focused on things that are 1. useful, but also 2. a little luxurious ā€” after all, the holidays are the time to splurge a little.

Here are some ideas for gifts for homebodies, all of which will be delivered in time for Christmas.

gifts for homebodies

Gifts for Homebodies

Hatch Restore Reading Light, Sound Machine & Sunrise Alarm Clock – If you spend any amount of time in bed (which is all of us!), this item is a must-have. This all-in-one item is a reading light, sound machine, and time-to-rise indicator that allows you to customize your sleep environment. And unlike most alarm clocks or sound machines, it’s not ugly! You control all the settings right from your phone via Bluetooth, so it’s easy to use and customize throughout the day.

Nod Pod Sleep Mask – This sleep mask is described as a weighted blanket for your eyes. It’s made from soft fleece, is lightly weighted, and comes in a variety of colors.

Electric Milk Frother – This hand-held frother features comes with two detachable whisk attachments, allowing you to use it for lattes and a variety of other kitchen tasks (making whipped cream, mixing up your super greens into water, or even emulsifying a salad dressing). It’s small and discreet, making it perfect for those with smaller kitchens or cabinet spaces.

Double Ended Mask Applicator Silicone Brush – I have some weird hand/finger sensory issues, so when I apply a face mask, I need to use an applicator of some sort. This double-ended brush smoothly and evenly applies face masks and other products, while the other end helps massage in products like cleansers. This makes a great stocking stuffer, too!

UGG Shearling Lined Slipper – UGG slippers aren’t a new, revolutionary product, but this particular style comes in new, fun colors (like the pink in the above photo). UGGs are cozy, warm, and last years, making them a nice gift (my UGGs I had in college lasted me 6+ years probably before I had to toss them).

4L Thermoelectric Mini Beauty Fridge & Warmer – You’ve probably seen people use these mini fridges for their skincare, but you can really use them for just about anything (drinks, medicine, etc.) It also keeps items warm ā€” with a flip of a switch it goes from cold to warm. Pretty cool!

Gel Manicure Kit – If you know someone who prefers to do their own nails, this kit is a great gift idea. The macaron-shaped LED lamp is adorable, too.

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