Ideas for Displaying Christmas Cards

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards each year during the holidays — what about you? Unfortunately, the refrigerator we have isn’t magnetic on the front, so I can’t hang up photos, cards, or to-do lists. (Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise though, since it would be so cluttered otherwise?) So to hang up the Christmas cards we receive each year, I have to get a bit creative.

Here are some more ideas for displaying Christmas cards. How do you display yours?

ideas for displaying christmas cards

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Tape Them to the Front of a Closet Door

I don’t have a lot of the spaces below (no mantel, fireplace, or abundance of kitchen cabinets here, sadly), but the one place I do have that can fit all of the cards is the front of our kitchen pantry door. It’s a nice, mostly flat surface that gets a lot of traffic (so I can see the cards each time I head to the kitchen — which let’s be honest, is often). I love this idea because I don’t have to worry about damaging the surface of the door with tape. And cleanup is super easy — Henry likes to rip them all off and manically laugh when doing so.

Make a DIY Christmas Tree on the Wall

Driven by Decor is one of my favorite home decor blogs to follow, so it’s no surprise I’m featuring her in this post. This idea requires a few items from a craft/hardware store (namely ribbon and small command clips) and a good eye. You can make this as simple or detailed as you’d like — using just 10 of your favorite cards, or including all 50 of them.

Hang Them From Your Staircase

Since we don’t have a fireplace or mantel, I typically hang our stockings from our staircase. However, this idea from Paper Craft Style makes me want to re-think my approach to hanging Christmas cards. You can just tape the cards directly to the bannisters or rails or hang the cards on string or ribbon (the latter is much sturdier and looks a bit nicer, IMO). If you don’t want to give up on the garland on your staircase, you can do both! Just clip on the cards to the garland, or place the cards a few inches above/below.

Display Them on a Decorative Ladder

Decorative ladders are all the rage in farmhouse style homes, and they’re typically bare (or have a blanket or two layered over them). Pin/tape your holiday cards on the ladder, like Jen did here. Bonus points if you include string lights, ornaments, or ribbon.

Add Them to Your Kitchen Cabinets

Similar to the pantry door display idea above, you can hang Christmas cards from the front of your kitchen cabinets as well. These look extra nice when they’re displayed with a thick red ribbon, like Melissa did here.

Frame Them Around an Entryway

This was something I actually did back when we lived in our apartment, as space was super limited. Just tape your cards around the doorway/entryway in your home (I did the entryway into our kitchen). You can add some garland if you’d like for an extra Christmas-y feel. Lesley did a great job last year in her home with this method. This is one of my favorite ideas for displaying Christmas cards.

Add Them to Your Christmas Tree

This looks nice especially if you have a nice fat, real tree! Intersperse your favorite holiday cards among the branches (you may need to punch a hole in them and hang with string like a typical ornament). #46 in this slideshow from Country Living shows how nice this can look.

Buy a Christmas Card Holder

If you have the space in your home, check out Etsy for unique, handmade Christmas card holders and signs, like this one. This is something you can bring out year after year, and it almost becomes a tradition adding the cards as they come in the mail.

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