4 Fun Spring Floral Prints from J Crew Factory

Once the warm weather rolls around, we start seeing more and more spring floral prints in stores. I’m known to have a few too many floral print items in my closet (my husband always looks at a floral dress of mine and says, “Don’t you have 3 of those already?”)

While browsing J Crew Factory recently what stuck out to me was the variety of floral prints they had ā€” and all the coordinating items in said print. Here are a few of their recent floral prints on everything from swimsuits to dresses. Which print is your favorite?

Spearmint Floral Print

This print is the perfect sprint-to-summer piece. It would be great to wear for Easter, Mother’s Day, bridal showers, and all those other spring/summer activities and holidays. I rarely wear mint, but this print makes me want to wear more of it.

spearmint floral print

Printed V-neck Smocked Midi Dress | Lightweight Cotton Shirt in Signature Fit | Printed Knot Headband | Tie-back Strappy Top

Emerald & Pink Floral Print

Green and pink are such a great color combo, but you rarely see them together (it’s always green and orange or pink and red, right?) I love the Hill-House inspired smocked dress below ā€” it would be perfect for a summer work event or a dinner while on vacation.

Emerald & Pink Floral Print

Smocked Midi Dress with Puff Sleeves | Sleeveless Ruffle Top | 3.5″ Floral Classic Chino Short | Floral No-show Socks

Antique Navy Floral Print

I love the timeliness color combo and navy and white here paired with the classic floral outline. Since it’s a more modest floral print (compared to the tropical orange one below), you can wear this year-round and to places with more conservative dress codes.

Antique Navy Floral Print

Smocked Midi Dress with Puff Sleeves | Sleeveless Ruffle Top | Smocked Midi Skirt

Tropical Orange Floral Print

One color that’s hard for me to pull off is a yellowy-orange, but this print is so gorgeous it makes me almost want to try. My favorite below is the frilly skirt.

Tropical Orange Floral Print

Printed Tiered Mini Dress | Sleeveless Cotton Poplin Shirt | Ruffle Mini Skirt

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